Composer: Frank Wildhorn
Lyricist: Nan Knighton

Opened: August 14, 2003, Norma Terris Theatre, Goodspeed Opera House, Chester, CT
Performances: Closed September 7, 2003

Field Of Angels:

1. 2004 Studio Demo (Matt Bogart)


1. 2001 Studio Demo (Linda Eder)
2. Gold, CD/Atlantic 83523 (Linda Eder)
3. Broadway My Way, CD/Atlantic 83580 (Linda Eder)

I Will Let You Go (cut):

1. 2001 Studio Demo (Guy Le Monnier and Linda Eder)

In The Stone:

1. 2001 Studio Demo (Linda Eder)

Learning How To Love You:

1. 2004 Studio Demo (Michael Nouri and Linda Eder)

The Night It Began:

1. 2004 Studio Demo (Linda Eder with Nick Cavarra, Margaret Ann Gates, Lynnette Marrero, Tracy Miller, Darren Ritchie, and Shonn Wiley)

Snow Falls:

1. 2001 Studio Demo (Linda Eder)

A Trembling Man:

1. 2001 Studio Demo (Guy LeMonnier)

Verge Of A Kiss:

1. 2001 Studio Demo (Guy LeMonnier)

What's Never Been Done Before:

1. 2004 Studio Demo (Linda Eder)
2. Now, CD/Masterworks 80717 (Linda Eder)

A Woman In His Arms:

1. 2001 Studio Demo (Linda Eder)
2. 2001 Studio Demo (Guy LeMonnier) (as "Woman In My Arms")
3. Now, CD/Masterworks 80717 (Linda Eder)

Unrecorded Material:

Camille & Rodin (dance sequence)
Enough Of Paris
The Gates Of Hell (dance sequence)
I'm Home
Not A Man
Taking Back My Life
The Waltz (dance sequence)
What You Can Grasp In Your Hands