Composer: Ralph Rainger
Lyricist: Leo Robin

Released: November 28, 1941

You Started Something (also used in the film MOON OVER MIAMI):

1. 78/Columbia 36181 (Bill Heathcock with Kay Kyser and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Great American Composers: Leo Robin, CD/Columbia House 2C2 8430]
2. 78/Decca 3891 (Dorothy Claire with Bobby Byrne and His Orchestra) [reissued on Great Songs Of 1941, CD/Bygone Days BYD 77012]
3. 78/Bluebird B 11166 (Peggy Mann with Larry Clinton's Bluebird Orchestra) [reissued on Feeling Like A Dream, CD/Hep 1047]
4. 78/Okeh 6245 (Don Brown with Tommy Tucker Time)
5. 78/Victor 27486 (Bea Wain with Walter Gross, piano, and the Leonard Joy Orchestra) [reissued on That's How I Love The Blues: The Complete Recordings Vol. 2, CD/Baldwin Street Music BJH-315]
6. Thanks For The Memory: The Classic Movie Musicals Of Ralph Rainger 1930-1943), JJA (M) 1981-1 (Don Ameche with orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman) [also found on Moon Over Miami/Coney Island, Caliban 6001]
7. Moon Over Miami/Coney Island, Caliban 6001 (Betty Grable, Robert Cummings, and Don Ameche with orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman) [reissued on Moon Over Miami/Broadway Melody Of 1938, CD/Great Music Themes CD 60030]
8. Sand In My Shoes, CD/Memoir 573 (Carroll Gibbons and His Savoy Orpheans)
9. Howdy Friends, CD/Sounds of Yesteryear DSOY 832 (Ray McKinley & His Orchestra)

Uncle Sam Gets Around:

1. 78/Okeh 6591 (Bob Lee, Harry Cool, Dick Jurgens, Buddy Moreno, and Ensemble with Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

I'll Settle For You
I'm Making A Play For You (not used; later used in the film RISE AND SHINE)
It Happened, It's Over
It Won't Be Fun (But It's Gotta Be Done)
Let's Forget It
My Old Man Was An Army Man
She's A Good Neighbor