Composer: Joe Jordan
Lyricist: Millard Thomas

Opened: October 7, 1930, Liberty Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 111

My Blue Melody (I Hate Myself For Falling In Love With You) (M: Abner Silver; L: Dave Oppenheim):

1. 78/Columbia 2406 D (Smith Ballew and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
2. 78/Perfect 15414 (Irving Kaufman with Dan Ritchie and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Supertone S 2176 (The Aristocrats with vocal chorus)
4. I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling, CD/Sounds of Yesteryear DSOY 781 (Annette Hanshaw)

When A Black Man's Blue (M: Ed G. Nelson; Art Sizemore; L: Ed G. Nelson; George A. Little):

1. 78/Victor 22587 (Bennie Payne with Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra) [also 78/Gramophone B 4842; reissued on The Chronological Duke Ellington And His Orchestra 1930-1931, CD/Classics 605]

Unrecorded Material:

Betty Lou (M: Joe Jordan; L: J. Rosamond Johnson)
Brown Buddies
Carry On (Act 1 Finale)
Dancin' 'Way Your Sin (Dance Away Your Sins) (Opening Chorus) (M/L: James C. Johnson)
Darky Rhythm (M: Peter Tinturin; L: Joe Young)
Don't Leave Your Little Blackbird Blue (M/L: Porter Grainger; Joe Jordan)
Excuse My Dust (M: Jesse Greer; L: Raymond Klages)
Gettin' Off
Give Me A Man Like That (M: Art Sizemore; L: George A. Little)
Happy (M: Nat Reed; L: Bob Joffe)
I Lost Everything Losing You (dropped during the run)
In Missouria (Missouri) (M/L: Nat Reed)
Sugar Cane
Sweetie Mine