Composer: Kurt Weill
Lyricist: Bertolt Brecht

Opened: January 3, 1962, Theatre De Lys, N.Y.C.
Performances: 424

Note: Only material not otherwise found on the original cast album is noted below.

Ballad Of The Nazi Soldier's Wife (originally used in THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK):

1. Kurt Weill Revisited Vol. 2, Painted Smiles (S) PS-1376 (Ellen Burstyn) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-109]
2. Brecht-Songs Mit Gisela May, Eterna (S) 8 25 797 (Gisela May with orchestra directed by Henry Krtschil) (M: Eisler) [reissued as CD/Berlin Classics 3315]
3. Entupadas, CAS/Creativeworks CW 1013 (John Wolf Brennan) (M: Eisler)
4. Lenya, CD/Bear Family BCD 16019 KL (Lotte Lenya with Kurt Weill, piano)
5. "Auf Wiedersehen": Song By Lehar & Weill, CD/Discover DICD 920310 (Tiziana K. Sojat with Wolfgang Heinzel)
6. Extraordinary Weill, CD/Kicco Classic KC00197CD (Karin Schmidt with Antonio Ballista, pianoforte)
7. Kabarett: Kurt Weill, CD/Laurel LR-855CD (Pamela Alexander with Dale Wolford, saxophone, and Ivan Rosenblum, electronic keyboard)
8. The Kurt Weill Project, CD/LML Music LML CD-231 (A.J. Teshin with Trissina Labue, piano)
9. The Unknown Kurt Weill, CD/Nonesuch 9 79019-2 (Teresa Strastas with Rober Woitach, piano)
10. Teeth Like Razors, CD/Plains Records PL002 (Cathy Lesurf with Curt Glance and Michael Wilson, guitars)
11. Tonight Kurt Weill, CD/Preiser PR 90726 (Elisabeth Von Magnus with Jacob Bogaart, klavier)
12. Cantan A Kurt Weill, CD/RCA 74321 692732 (Ana Belen and Miguel Rios with the Orquestra Ciudad De Granada directed by Josep Pons)
13. 20th Century Blues, CD/RCA Victor 74321-38656-2 (Marianne Faithfull)
14. Lost In The Stars: The Music Of Kurt Weill, CD/A&M CD 5104 (Marianne Faithfull and Chris Spedding)
15. September Songs: The Music Of Kurt Weill, CD/Sony SK 63046 (PJ Harvey)
16. 1933 And All That: Brecht, Weill & Friends, CD/La Dual Band ZB003 (Anna Zapparoli with musical direction by Mario Borciani) (M: Eisler)
17. The Past Is Never Past, CD/Inbetweens 011 (Doug Hoekstra)
18. La Terre Commune, CD/Eminent Records 25070 (Elliot Murphy & Iain Matthews)
19. Cabaret Blues, CD/Pirate Jenny (Pirate Jenny Trio)
20. Sonz, CD/EMI (Bap) Spoliansky: My Song For You, CD/Berlin Classics 0014592 (Lucie Mannheim)
21. Joe, Mach Die Musik Von Damals Nach, CD/Hagen (Eva-Maria Hagen)
22. Milva Canta Brecht, CD/Sony BMG 74321664022 (Milva) (M: Eisler)
23. Brecht, CD/DGG Records 9800391 (Klaus Kinski)
24. Sti Lampsi Tou Fegariou, CD/Unknown label (Elli Paspala)
25. And When The Twilight's Gone, CD/Sad Eyes 16885 (Pilori)
26. Mondenblut, CD/Zoomica 81142 (unknown performer)
27. An Die Nachgeborenen, CD/Barbarossa 0014082 (Ernst Busch)

Pirate Jenny (from THE THREEPENNY OPERA):

I have not attempted to compile discological information beyond original cast member recordings.
1. 10"/Telefunken (M) 65028 (Lotte Lenya with the Lewis Ruth Band directed by Theo Mackeben) [reissued on Die Dreigroschenoper: Berlin 1930, CD/Teldec 9031-72025-2]
2. Lotte Lenya Sings The Berlin Theatre Songs of Kurt Weill, Columbia ML-5056 (Lotte Lenya) [reissued on Lotte Lenya Sings Kurt Weill American Theatre Songs/Songs From The Threepenny Opera And Cabaret, CD/Sony Classical MHK 60647]
3. Die Dreigroschenoper, Columbia (S) O2S-201 (Lotte Lenya with orchestra conducted by Wilhelm Bruckner-Ruggeberg) [reissued on CD/Sony/BMG 42637]
4. The Threepenny Opera, MGM SE-3121 (Lotte Lenya with music conducted by Samuel Matlowsky) [reissued as CD/Decca Broadway 159463]
5. Lenya, CD/Bear Family BCD 16019 KL (Lotte Lenya with Mitgliedern Des Chores Und Symphonieorchesters Des Bayerischen Rundfunks conducted by Miltiades Caridis)