Composer: Cole Porter
Lyricist: Cole Porter

Opened: November 27, 1936

Note: Only recordings of material not found on the film soundtrack, CD/Rhino 7778, is noted below.

Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye (unused; subsequently cut from RED, HOT AND BLUE; used in O MISTRESS MINE and subsequently used in UNSUNG COLE, HAPPY NEW YEAR and interpolated into some productions of ANYTHING GOES):

1. 78/HMV DA-1539 (Yvonne Printemps and Pierre Fresnay with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons) [reissued on The Ultimate Cole Porter - Volume III, CD/Pearl GEM 0194]
2. 78/Victor 36190 (Alan Holt, Rae Giersdorf, and the Victor Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Leonard Joy) [reissued on Cole Porter 1924-1944, JJA (M) 19732]
3. 78/Gramophone B.D. 5143 (Bert Yarlett with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra)
4. Classic Cole, Columbia (S) M-34533 (Jan DeGaetani with Leo Smit, piano) [reissued as CD/Sony Music Special Products A 34533]
5. Andre Kostelanetz Plays Cole Porter, Columbia (S) KG 31491 (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. with orchestra conducted by Andre Kostelanetz)
6. R.S.V.P. The Cole Porters, Respond no number (Jack and Sally Jenkins with the Mac Frampton Orchestra)
7. How's Your Romance?: Andrea Marcovicci Sings Cole Porter, CD/Andreasong AND01 (Andrea Marcovicci with Shelly Markham, piano, Jim Dijulio, bass, John Chiudini, guitar, Paul Kriebach, drums, Bob Sheppard, sax, and Ames Beals, harmonica)
8. Easy To Love: The Songs Of Cole Porter, CD/Concord Jazz CCD-4696 (Susannah McCorkle with music direction by Allen Farnham)
9. Night And Day: The Cole Porter Album, CD/Omega OCD 3002 (Joan Morris with William Bolcom, piano)
10. Anything Goes, CD/First Night CASTCD90 (Mary Stockley with orchestra conducted by Gareth Valentine)
11. Anything Goes, CD/First Night OCRCD 6038 (Ashleigh Sendin with orchestra directed by John Owen Edwards)
12. Anything Goes, CD/RCA Victor 7769-2-RC (Kathleen Mahony-Bennett with orchestra directed by Edward Strauss)
13. Anything Goes, CD/TER CDTEH 6011 (Katrina Murphy with the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Owen Edwards)
14. Dial & Oatts Play Cole Porter, CD/DMP CD-495 (Garry Dial, piano & Dick Oatts, saxophone)
15. Piano Solos, Vol. 1, CD/Jump 1220 (Larry Eanet, piano)
16. Do It Again, CD/Audiophile 175 (Barbara Lea)
17. Porter On My Mind, CD/Composers 585 (Francis Thorne, piano and voice, with Jack Six, bass)
18. Nobody Else But Me, CD/Landmark 1551 (Wesla Whitfield with the Mike Greensill Quintet)
19. Easy To Love: The Music Of Cole Porter, CD/Swallowtail 8007 (David Wilson)

Who But You? (unused; also unused in RED, HOT AND BLUE):

1. Cole Porter Revisited Vol. V, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-122 (Sandy Stewart)

Unrecorded Song:

That's The News I'm Waiting To Hear (possibly considered; also unused in RED, HOT AND BLUE)