Composer: William Bambes Rhodes
Lyricist: William Bambes Rhodes

Opened: July 16, 1924, Frazee Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 67

Note: Also on this bill was version of SWEENEY TODD.  This show was originally produced on October 15, 1816, Park Theatre, N.Y.C.

Here’s A Health To His Majesty (originally used in PLAYFORD’S MUSICAL COMPANION):

1. Sugar & Spice, CD/Bandleader BNA 5061 (The Band Of The Royal Military School Of Music Kneller Hall)
2. Regimental Marches Of The British Army, Vol. 2, CD/Chandos 6564 (Regimental Band Of The Coldstream Guards)
3. Forever England: A Musical Journey Around The Country, CD/Musicmasters 759940 (The Band Of The Blues And Royals)

The Derby Ram (originally used in DERBYSHIRE COUNTRY SONG):

1. O Love Is Teasin’, Elektra 60402-1 (unknown performer)
2. Engel Lund’s Book Of Folk Songs, CD/Nimbus NI 5813/14 (Engel Lund)
3. The Best of Nowell Sing We Clear: 1975-1986, CD/Golden Hind 47964335 (Nowell Sing We Clear)
4. 10,000 Years Ago, CD/Bear Family 15954 (The Vipers Skiffle Group with Wally Whyton)
5. Alan Lomax Sings Christmas And The Turn Of The Year, CD/Rounder 611850 (Alan Lomax)
6. Dark Ships In The Forest, CD/Folk-Legacy 65 (John Roberts & Tony Barrand)
7. The Times They Are A-Changin’, CD/Castle Music CMDDD-1072 (Ian Campbell Folk Group)
8. It Was On A Market Day 2: English Traditional Folk Singers, CD/Veteran VTC 7CD (George Fradley)
9. Legend Of Sweeney’s Men, CD/Castle Music CMDDD 932 (Sweeney’s Men)
10. Songs Of Olde England, CD/Parade PAR 2086 (The Yetties)
11. Adirondack Songs, Ballads & Tunes, CD/Folk-Legacy 60015 (Lawrence Older)
12. Great British Skiffle: Just About As Goode As It Gets!, CD/Smith & Co. SCCD 1192 (City Ramblers Skiffle Group)
13. Singin’ Is Ma Life, CD/Springthyme SPRCD 1038 (Jane Turriff)
14. Wedding Song, CD/Airtime Studio (Sandy Dolby)
15. Old Bush Songs, CD/Larrikan 354 (A.L. Lloyd)
16. Original Soho Skiffle Group, CD/Bear Family BCD 15954 (Original Soho Skiffle Group)
17. Glastonbury, CD/idlewilde (Glastonbury)
18. Be Your Own Man, CD/Rhiannon Music 5003 (Barry Dransfield)
19. True, CD/Knot Fibb’n (Knot Fibb’n)
20. Voice Of The People, Vol. 7: First I’m Going To Sing You A Ditty, CD/Topic Records TSCD 657 (Sid Steer)
21. This Is The Ian Campbell Folk Group/Across The Hills, CD/Essential Records ESMCD 357 (Ian Campbell and the Ian Campbell Folk Group)
22. Mighty River Of Song, CD/Topic Records TSFCD-4002 (The Watersons)
23. Evening With Tommy Makem, CD/Shanachie Records 52008 (Tommy Makem)
24. The Very Best Of The Spinners, CD/Disky 901907 (The Spinners)
25. American Industrial Ballads, CD/Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD 40058 (Pete Seeger)
26. The Best Of English Folk, CD/Essential Records ESDCD 770 (unknown performer)

Unrecorded Material:

Come Jolly Bacchus, Or Charles Of Sweden (originally used in THE DANCING MASTER (1728))
The Happy Clown (originally used in THE DANCING MASTER (1718))
Hope Told A Flattering Tale (M/L: Unknown)
The Humours Of The Bath, Or Spring’s A Coming (originally used in WATT’S MUSICAL MISCELLANEY)
Joan To The Maypole (Opening Chorus) (originally used in PILLS TO PURGE MELANCHOLY)
Ladies Of London (originally used in THE DANCING MASTER (1690))
Pipe Solo (M/L: Iciclio Sadun)
Trio (M/L: Iciclio Sadun)
The Women All Tell Me (originally used in BROADSIDES, WITH MUSIC)