Composer: Harold Arlen
Lyricist: E.Y. Harburg

Opened: October 5, 1944, Sam S. Shubert Theatre, NYC
Performances: 657

Note: Only numbers not found on the CD reissue of the original Broadway cast recording are noted below.

Civil War Ballet (inst.):

1. Special Occasions: Richard Rodney Bennett Plays the Ballet Music of Cole Porter, Harold Arlen & Richard Rodgers, DRG (S) 6012 (Richard Rodney Bennett, two pianos) [reissued as CD?DRG 6102]


1. Curtain Going Up, Columbia (S) CS-8094 (orchestra conducted by Lehman Engel) [reissued as Another Openin', Another Show: Broadway Overtures, CD/Sony Broadway SK 53540]

Promise Me Not To Love Me (registered by ASCAP in 1976; replaced "Lullaby" in the 1981 revival):

1. Harold Arlen And Vernon Duke Revisited Vol. II, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-127 (Blossom Dearie)
2. Harold Arlen's Songs, CD/Audiophile ACD-168 (Richard Rodney Bennett, piano and voice)
3. Life's A Dance: The Songs Of Harold Arlen, CD/Alyssum ALY-9562 (Del-Louise Moyer with Dean Williamson, piano)

Unrecorded Numbers:

Little Big Man (registered by ASCAP in 1976)
Pretty As A Picture
Simon Legree
Style Show Ballet (inst.)
'Till We All Belong (registered by ASCAP in 1976)
Waltz (inst.)