Composer: Robert Wright; George Forrest
Lyricist: Robert Wright; George Forrest

Released: 27 February 27, 1941, U.S.A.

Note: This move was titled "CONGA SWING" in Great Britain.

I Hate Music Lessons:

1. A Bag Of Popcorn And A Dream, CD/Original Cast OC-8801 (Ashley Rose Orr with musical direction by Fred Barton)

Solteiro e Melhor (M/L: Soares; Rubens; Silva; Felisberto; Bill Morgan) (not written for the film):

1. Nova Serie, CD/Warner Music 424719 (Francisco Alves)

You Can't Cry On My Shoulder:

1. Anastasia The Musical, CD/Original Cast OC-9837 (Eric Riley with Fred Barton, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Querida (L: M. de Zarraga)
You Don't Play
A Drum You Beat It