Composer: Eubie Blake
Lyricist: Andy Razaf

Opened: October 22, 1930, Royale Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 62

(Down At The Ole) Cabin Door:

An unverified radio transcription performed by the Fields & Hall Mountaineers is known to exist.

Dinah (M: Harry Akst; L: Sam M. Lewis; Joe Young) (originally used in THE PLANTATION CLUB REVUE (1925) and AFRICANA (1927)):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard beyond original cast member renditions.
1. 78/Columbia 487-D (Ethel Waters and Her Plantation Orchestra) [reissued on A Tribute To Black Entertainers, CD/Columbia/Legacy C2K 52454; Original Cast! The Early Years, CD/Metropolitan Opera MET 801CD]
2. 78/Decca 234 (Ethel Waters with orchestra) [reissued on The Complete Decca Recordings, CD/Swingtime ST-1031]
3. 78/Continental C 10007 (Ethel Waters and the J.C. Heard Orchestra)
4. Ethel Waters in Shades Of Blue, 10"/Remington 1025 (Ethel Waters) [reissued on Cabin In The Sky, CD/Milan 873108]
5. Miss Ethel Waters, Monmouth-Evergreen 6812 (Ethel Waters)
6. Ethel Waters On The Air, Totem 1041 (Ethel Waters)

(Them) Green Pastures (L: Will Morrisey; Andy Razaf) (previously used in THE FOLIES BERGERE REVIEW):

1. Ethel Waters On The Air, Totem 1041 (Ethel Waters)

Memories Of You (also used in EUBIE!):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard beyond original cast member and composer renditions.
1. 78/Columbia 2288-D (Ethel Waters) [reissued on The Incomparable Ethel Waters, CD/Columbia/Legacy CK 65852]
2. 78/Jubilee 5274 (Ethel Waters)
3. The Eighty-Six Years Of Eubie Blake, Columbia (S) C2S-847 (Eubie Blake)
4. Live Concert, Stash (S) ST-130 (Eubie Blake)
5. That's Ragtime!, CD/AEI Green Room AEI-CD 606 (Eubie Blake)
6. Sissle & Blake’s Shuffle Along Of 1950, CD/Harbinger HCD-3402 (Billy Banks with Eubie Blake)

My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More (also used in EUBIE!):

1. 78/Columbia 14353-D (Ethel Waters with James P. Johnson, piano) [also 78/Special Editions 5014 S; reissued on The Chronological Ethel Waters 1926-1929, CD/Melodie Jazz Classics 688]
2. 78/Bluebird B 6414 (Hannah Hot-Shots)
3. 78/Okeh 8615 (Victoria Spivey with the Clarence Williams Blue 5) [reissued on Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1927-1929), CD/Document 5317]
4. 78/Victor V 38624 (Edith Wilson with orchestra) [reissued on Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 2 (1924-31), CD/Document 5451]
5. Wild About Eubie, Columbia (S) M 34504 (Joan Morris with William Bolcom, piano)
6. Eubie, Warner Bros. 3267 (Alaina Reed with orchestra directed by Vicki Carter) [reissued on CD/Kritzerland KR 20030-5]
7. The Risque World Of Pearl Bailey, Roulette Records (S) SR-25259 (Pearl Bailey)
8. Second City Divas: Live At The Mercury Theatre, CD/M.A.M. Records DIDX-056215 (Peggy Roeder with music direction by Michael Keefe)
9. 1998 Neviaser Follies, CD/ProMusica HDCD-3001 (Delilah Watson with music direction by Erin Knudsen)
10. Naughty, Bawdy And Blue, CD/Stony Plain 1319 (Maria Muldaur)
11. Lulu Hughes & The Montreal All City Big Band, CD/Star STACD-8152 (Lulu Hughes & The Montreal All City Big Band)
12. Back To Beale Street, CD/Orchard 802482 (Holly Shelton)
13. Songs About Adam, CD/Blue Pie Music (Mark Fuller)
14. Magnolia, CD/Midnight Serenaders (Midnight Serenaders)
15. Carolina Shout, CD/Prestige Elite (James P. Johnson)
16. Fine And Mellow: Live At Birdland West, CD/Concord Jazz CCD-4342 (Carmen McRae)
17. Radio Sweetheart, Vol. 1, CD/ASV/Living Era 5282 (Elsie Carlisle)
18. Columbia Jazz: The Best Of The 50's And 60's, CD/Columbia C-4K91247 (Alberta Hunter)
19. Amtrak Blues, CD/Columbia CK-36430 (Alberta Hunter)
20. Little Blue Record Player, CD/Immortal Bear (Jeffrey Altergott)
21. Let The Good Times Roll, CD/Black & Blue BB 871 (Helen Humes)
22. Off Color Blues, CD/Optimism 3230 (Carol Joy Robins)
23. Lonesome Swallow, CD/Jukebox Jazz 206 (Terry Blaine)
24. That's How I Love the Blues, CD/Baldwin Street Music BJH 315 (Bea Wain with the Ellis Larkins Trio)
25. Double Bill, CD/Koch International 8287 (Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings)
26. Harlem Haunts My Mind, CD/Original Cast 5415 (Talya Ferro)
27. The Laziest Gal In Town, CD/DRG DRG-CD-91519 (Jane Krakowski)
28. Sweet Sunny South, CD/Unknown label (The Rosin Sisters)
29. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Vol. 3, CD/Varèse Sarabande VSD-5401 (orchestra conducted by Joel McNeely and Laurence Rosenthal)
30. Wild Women, CD/Owl's Nest Productions 12032 (Diane Van Deurzen and Lisa Otey) 31. Cravings, CD/Belle Linda Halpern (Belle Linda Halpern)

Papa-De-Da-Da (M/L: Clarence Todd; Clarence Williams; Spencer Williams) (subsequently used in RHYTHM-MANIA and RHAPSODY IN BLACK (1931)):

1. 78/Brunswick 6053 (King Oliver Orchestra with vocal refrain) [reissued on The Chronological King Oliver And His Orchestra 1930-1931, CD/Classics 594]
2. 78/Okeh 8215 (Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams' Blue Five) [reissued on The Chronological Clarence Williams 1930-1931, CD/Classics 832]
3. 78/Okeh 8842 (Clarence Williams Washboard Band) [reissued on The Chronological Clarence Williams 1930-1931, CD/Classics 832]
4. 78/Perfect 15387 (Clarence Williams and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Chronological Clarence Williams 1930-1931, CD/Classics 832]
5. 78/Columbia 349 D (St. Louis Rhythm Kings)
6. 78/M-G-M 11010 (Donald Forbes with The Rampart Street Paraders directed by Billy Maxted)
7. 78/Perfect 12235 (Original Bessie Brown) [reissued on Complete Recorded Works (1925-1929), CD/Document 5456]
8. 78/Okeh 8218 (Virginia Liston with Clarence Williams, piano) [reissued on Virginia Liston: Volume 2 (1921-1922)/Lavinia Turner (1923-1924), CD/Document 5447; The Chronological Clarence Williams 1924-1926, CD/Classics 695]
9. 78/Hot Jazz Club 604 (Louis Armstrong with Clarence Williams' Blue Five) [reissued on Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man 1923-1934, CD/Columbia/Legacy 57176]
10. Parlor Piano, 1917-27, Biograph BLP-100 1-Q (Clarence Williams, piano roll)
11. A Rare Batch Of Satch, RCA PM-2322 (Louis Armstrong) [reissued as CD/Castle Pulse 136]
12. Here Is Chris Barber, Atlantic 1292 (Chris Barber) [reissued as CD/Rhino Atlantic]
13. Legendary Eva Taylor With Maggie's Blue Five, CD/Kenneth 2042 (Eva Taylor with Maggie's Blue Five)
14. Live At The Pawnshop, CD/Opus 3 22071 (Eva Taylor)
15. Edison Laterals 4, CD/Diamond Cut 303 (Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams)
16. Stomp Miss Hannah, CD/Stomp Off 1354 (Milano Hot Jazz Orchestra)
17. Swinging Hamburg: Jazz Im Hamburg Von A-Z, CD/Documents (unknown performer)
18. Driving Hot, CD/Ghb 49 (Barrelhouse Jazz Band)
19. The Hottest Dixie Party In Town, Vol. 1, CD/Documents 201603 (unknown performer)
20. Die Grossen Bigbands, Vol. 3, CD/Bella 314127 (unknown performer)
21. Existentialism: Revival Jazz Of The 60's, CD/TBC 231762 (unknown performer)
22. The Chronological Buster Bailey 1925-1940, CD/Classics 904 (Buster Bailey)
23. Gulf Coast Blues, CD/Omega OCD-3009 (Dick Hyman, piano)
24. Let It Shine, CD/Lake 37 (Denise Lawrence & Storeyville Tickle)
25. Back From New Orleans, CD/Timeless (Midlife Revival Jazzband)
26. Original Indiana Five Volume 2, CD/Jazz Oracle 8030 (Original Indiana Five)
27. Dreamland Orchestra, CD/Documents 201618 (Peter Petrel)
28. Live At The BP Studienhaus, CD/Timeless 620 (Monty Sunshine's Jazz Band)
29. The Full Monty Sunshine Volume 2, CD/Upbeat Jazz 206 (Monty Sunshine's Jazz Band)
30. The Music Of Clarence Williams, CD/GHB 452 (West Jesmond Rhythm Kings with Bent Persson & Keith Nichols)
31. The Wolverines of Bern At 35, CD/Arbors 19196 (The Wolverines)

Porgy (M: Jimmy McHugh; L: Dorothy Fields) (added for the subsequent tour; originally used in BLACKBIRDS OF 1928):

1. 78/Columbia 2184-D (Ethel Waters with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [also 78/Brunswick 01522; 78/Brunswick 6758; Brunswick 6521; reissued on The Chronological Ethel Waters 1931-1934, CD/Classics 735]
2. 78/Majestic 1051 (Lilyann Carol with Louis Prima and His Orchestra)
3. 78/DeLuxe 1139 (Sylvia Syms with the Norman Paris Trio)
4. 78/Apollo 754 (Georgie Auld, Ben Webster, and Coleman Hawkins) [also 45/Waldorf MH-45-179; reissued on The Chronological Coleman Hawkins 1944, CD/Classics 842]
5. 78/Apollo 1179 (Valaida Snow with Bobby Smith & Orchestra)
6. 78/Bluebird 01517 A (Duke Ellington and His Orchestra)
7. 45/Capitol Records 4790 (Dakota Staton with Norman Simmons' Orchestra) [reissued on Cry Me A River, CD/Joker 39050]
8. 45/Bethlehem 45-11021 (Nina Simone) [reissued on Fine & Mellow: Her First Recordings 1958-60, CD/Jasmine JASCD 184]
9. That Wonderful Adelaide Hall, Monmouth-Evergreen 7080 (Adeladie Hall) [reissued on A Centenary Celebration, CD/Avid AMSC 720]
10. Miss Ethel Waters, Monmouth-Evergreen MES 6812 (Ethel Waters)
11. Southern Breeze, Roulette Records (S) RS-52010 (Jeri Southern) [reissued on Southern Breeze/Coffee, Cigarettes & Memories, CD/EMI 4966502]
12. The Chronological Ethel Waters 1929-1931, CD/Classics 721 (Ethel Waters)
13. Nobody Does It Like Me: A Tribute To Dorothy Fields, CD/Dress Circle MM115 (Morag McLaren with musical direction by Bruce O'Neil)
14. That's Him, CD/Riverside/OJC OJCCD-085-2 (Abbey Lincoln with Sonny Rollins) (two takes)
15. This Thing Called Love, CD/RCA Victor 60366 (Elisabeth Welch)
16. Echoes Of Harlem, CD/Fellside Recordings LACD 87 (Chris Barber's Jazzband)
17. Live At The Riverside, CD/JAY CDVIR 8312 (Adelaide Hall)
18. Lay 'Em Straight!, CD/Calligraph Records CLGCD 033 (Humphrey Lyttelton) (unverified)
19. A Girl And Her Songs, CD/RCA BVCJ-35023 (Teddi King)
20. The Queen, Vol. 2, CD/Kenneth Records CKS 3403 (Maxine Sullivan)
21. The Complete Peggy Lee & June Christy Capitol Transcription Sessions, CD/Blue Note 35511 (Peggy Lee)
22. The Alternative Takes, Vol. 4, 1933-1936, CD/Neatwork RP 2033 (Duke Ellington and His Orchestra)
23. Live At The Painted Pony, CDr/No label (Teddi King with John Meyer, piano)

Roll, Jordan (, Roll) (also used in EUBIE!):

1. Eubie, Warner Bros. 3267 (Janet Powell and Company with orchestra directed by Vicki Carter) [reissued on CD/Kritzerland KR 20030-5]

St. Louis Blues (M/L: W.C. Handy) (added for the subsequent tour):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard beyond original cast member and composer renditions.
1. 78/Brunswick 01522 (Ethel Waters with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [also 78/Brunswick 6521; reissued on The Chronological Ethel Waters 1931-1934, CD/Classics 735]
2. Miss Ethel Waters, Monmouth-Evergreen 6812 (Ethel Waters)
3. Legends & Songwriters In Concert 1941, CD/Original Cast 9839 (W.C. Handy)

That Lindy Hop (added for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Victor 23016 (Dick Robertson with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1930-1936, CD/Box Office ENBO-CD2 #9/94]
2. 78/Decca F 2250 (Roy Fox, the whispering cornetist, and His Band with vocal) [reissued on Roy Fox And His Band, CD/Pearl Flapper 9745]
3. Cake Walk To Lindy Hop, Columbia CL-782 (Wally Rose) [reissued on CD/Hallmark Recordings]
4. 91 Years Young, RCA FXM1 7157 (Eubie Blake)
5. Eubie Blake And His Proteges, Eubie Blake Music 8 (Eubie Blake)
6. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile, CD/Pearl 7085 (Billy Cotton and His Band)

Who Said Blackbirds Are Blue (added for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Garrafollo EW-1909 (Ethel Waters) [reissued on The Great Women Blues Singers, CD/Retro Music 4075]

You're Lucky To Me:

1. Click here for recordings of "You're Lucky To Me".

Unrecorded Material:

Baby Mine (dropped during the run)
Blackbirds On Parade
Dianna Lee
Dissatisfied Blues
Ham And Eggs
Harlem (added for the subsequent tour)
How To Play An Ole Banjo
In Slumberland
The Key To My Heart
Mammy's Jubilee
Minstrel Strut
(Doin' The) Mozambique
Take A Trip To Harlem
Tambourines A La Harlem
Under The Jungle Moon
Wakin' Up The Folks Down Stairs (added for the subsequent tour)
We're The Berries