Composer: Harry Warren
Lyricists: Mort Dixon; Billy Rose

Opened: May 19, 1931, 44th Street Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 67

NOTE: This show was a revised version of SWEET AND LOW.

Crazy Quilt (L: Mort Dixon; Bud Green):

1. 78/Brunswick 6146 (Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra with vocal trio) [reissued on The Chronological Frank Trumbauer And His Orchestra 1929-1931, CD/Classics 1245]
2. The Chronological Frank Trumbauer And His Orchestra 1929-1931, CD/Classics 1245 (Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra with humming)

I Found A Million Dollar Baby In A Five And Ten Cent Store (L: Mort Dixon; Billy Rose):

1. Click here for recordings of "I Found A Million Dollar Baby In A Five And Ten Cent Store".

I Wanna Be Loved (M: Johnny Green; L: Edward Heyman; Billy Rose) (ASCAP/Library Of Congress only):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

In The Merry Month Of Maybe (L: Ira Gershwin; Billy Rose):

1. 78/Velvet Tone 2404 V (Robert Wood with Frank Auburn and His Orchestra) [also 78/Clarion 5340; 78/Harmony 1331]
2. 78/Brunswick 6146 (Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra with vocal trio) [reissued on The Chronological Frank Trumbauer And His Orchestra 1929-1931, CD/Classics 1245]
3. The Chronological Frank Trumbauer And His Orchestra 1929-1931, CD/Classics 1245 (Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra with humming)
4. Sideman - The ARC Years: 1931-1936, CD/IAJRC Records 1013 (Bunny Berigan)

Oh, It Looks Like Rain (M: Milton Ager; L: E.Y. Harburg) (not in programs):

1. 78/Victor 22786 (Dick Robertson with Fletcher Henderson and His Connie's Inn Orchestra) [also 45/X Eva 2; reissued on The Chronological Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra 1931, CD/Classics 555]
2. On Treasure Island, CD/Jukebox Jazz 9603 (Mark Shane)
3. Harlem Nights, CD/Pastl 176969 (Hot Owls)

Overnight (M: Louis Alter; L: Billy Rose; Charlotte Kent) (added after opening) (originally used in BILLY ROSE'S CRAZY QUILT):

1. 78/Columbia 2373 D (Smith Balley and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
2. 78/Columbia 2377 D (Ruth Etting) 78/ Velvet Tone 2293 V (Kate Smith)
3. 78/Clarion 5202 (Roy Carroll & His Sands Point Orchestra) [also 78/Harmony 1253]
4. 78/Brunswick 4977 (Emil Coleman and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)
5. 78/Banner 32064 (George Beaver with Harold White and His Orchestra) [also 78/Oriole 2186]
6. 78/Okeh 41477 (Casa Loma Orchestra with vocal refrain) [reissued on Casa Loma Stomp, CD/Hep HEPCD 1010]
7. 78/Hit of the Week 1134 (Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra directed by Bert Hirsch) [reissued on The Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings, Vol. 2: 1930-1931, CD/Archeophone 3003]
8. 78/Victor 22566 (Johnny Marvin with The High Hatters) [reissued on The Music of Broadway: 1930, JJA (M) 19777]
9. 78/Okeh 41477 (Jack Richmand with the Casa Loma Orchestra)
10. 1940-41 Broadcast Recordings, CD/Jazz Hour 1032 (Ted Weems & His Orchestra)
11. The Chronological Benny Goodman And His Orchestra 1928-1931, CD/Classics 693 (Benny Goodman and His Orchestra)
12. Snowfall, Vol. 1, CD/Hep HEPCD 1058 (Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra)

Sing A Little Jingle (L: Mort Dixon):

1. 78/Brunswick 6128 (The Boswell Sisters with Victor Young and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Boswell Sisters Collection, Vol. 1: 1931-1932, CD/Collector's Classics 21]
2. 78/Melotone M 12177 (Carolina Club Orchestra with vocal chorus)
3. 78/Victor 22707 (Three Waring Girls and Chorus with Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians) [reissued on The Broadway Years, Vol. 2, CD/The Old Masters 129]
4. 78/Columbia 2483 D (The Knickerbockers)
5. 78/Velvet Tone 2403 V (Bobby Dix with Lloyd Keating and His Music) [also 78/Clarion 5339]
6. Radio & Recording Rarities, Vol. 30, CD/Lowlights (Jack Smith)

Showgirl Couplets (M: Vernon Duke):

1. E.Y. Harburg Revisited, Painted Smiles PS- 1372 (Patti Wyss, "Lotta Nokkie," and "Mona Lotte") (music later used with new lyrics for "So Nonchalant" in WALK A LITTLE FASTER) [reissued on Hold On To Your Hats, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-120]

Would You Like To Take A Walk? (Sump'n Good'll Come From That) (originally used in SWEET AND LOW):

1. 78/Victor 22630 (Frank Crumit and Julia Sanderson) [reissued on The Song Is… Harry Warren, CD/ASV/Living Era 5139]
2. 78/Columbia 2381 D (Ben Selvin and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
3. 78/Sterling 291078 (Chick Bullock with Jack Berger's Hotel Astor Orchestra) [also 78/Romeo 1578]
4. 78/Columbia DB 453 (Marion Harris with Billy Mason and His Cafe de Paris Band)
5. 78/Romeo 1592 (Mildred Hunt with orchestra) [also 78/Perfect 12691]
6. 78/Clarion 5212 (Frank Auburn and His Orchestra)
7. 78/Clarion 5249 (Annette Hanshaw) [reissued on My Inspiration Is You, CD/Sounds of Yesteryear DSOY 779]
8. 78/May-fair G 2006 (The Harmony Twins with guitar)
9. 78/Decca 28552 (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra) [also 78/Brunswick 05112; reissued on Ella: The Legendary Decca Recordings, CD GRP 648]
10. 78/Broadcast 12 3060 (Sam Nichols' Top-Notchers with vocal refrain)
11. 78/Brunswick 6055 (Skinny Ennis, Hal Kemp, and Saxie Dowell with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1930, JJA (M) 19777]
12. 78/Melotone M 12103 (The Melotone Boys with guitar)
13. 78/Melotone M 12082 (Dick Robertson and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)
14. 78/Okeh 41482 (Fred Rich and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
15. 78/Victor 22611 A (Rudy Valle, vocal, with Rudy Valle and His Connecticut Yankees) [reissued on Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries, CD/Submarine DSOY 615]
16. 78/Capitol 1089 (Bob Craig with The California Commanders Orchestra)
17. 45/Columbia B 310 (Swing & Sway with Sammy Kaye)
18. Hi-Fi Hammond, Capitol (S) 1517 (Jackie Davis Trio) [reissued on Jumping Hi-Fi Hammond, CD/Jasmine Records JASCD 472]
19. Some Of The Great Songs Of Harry Warren And Al Dubin, No label 4J-X-1000 (The Spencer-Hagen Orchestra)
20. Walter Schumann Presents The Voices, RCA Victor (M) LPM-1558 (The Voices Of Walter Schumann)
21. Let's Dance Again!, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 513 (David Carroll and His Orchestra)
22. Leroy Walks!, CD/Contemporary/OJC OJCCD-160-2 (Leroy Vinnegar Sextet)
23. Live At Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 12, CD/Concord Jazz CCD 4476 (Barry Harris)
24. Shut Yo' Mouth!, CD/Delos 1024 (Slam Stewart)
25. In The Garden, CD/Heftone (The Fabulous Heftones)
26. Warren Plays Warren, CD/Nagel Heyer Records 33 (Warren Vache)
27. Howdy!, CD/Geffen (Pat Boone with the Billy Vaughn Orchestra)
28. Catch Another Brass Ring, CD/Klavier Records KCD-11023 (Wurlitzer Model 165 Band Organ)
29. Parlophone Girl: Piano Recordings Of 20s & 30s, Vol. 1, CD/ Shellwood Productions 8 (Raie Da Costa)
30. Flirtation Walk/Presenting Robert Farnon And His Orchestra, CD/Vocalion 4118 (Robert Farnon and His Orchestra)
31. The Sunshine Boys 1929-1931, CD/Challenge Records 79039 (Joe and Dan Mooney)
32. When Boy Meets Girl/Wish Upon A Star, CD/Collectables 7614 (Peggy King and Jerry Vale)
33. Cosy/A Man And A Woman, CD/GL Records 325 (Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme)
34. Deep Velvet/Old Gold And Ivory, CD/EMI 873848 (George Shearing)
35. The Complete Capitol Recordings, Vol. 2, CD/Capitol C2-92867 (Art Tatum)
36. The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces, CD/Pablo 7PACD-4404-2 (Art Tatum)
37. Live, Vol. 8: 1955-56, CD/Storyville 8338 (Art Tatum)
38. You'll Never Know: Harry Warren & Jimmy Van Heusen, CD/Reader's Digest RDVD 1731-3 (Dave Roberts and Fay Mitchell with Leslie Lewis and His Orchestra)
39. Great Film And Show Tunes, CD/Living Era CD AJA 5469 (George Melachrino and His Orchestra)
Radio transcriptions performed by Louise Carlyle and Willard Young with the Music Of Manhattan conducted by Norman Cloutier, Jeff Clay and Peggy Powers with the Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Bob Grant's Orchestra, the Russ Morgan Orchestra, Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes with the Carmen Dragon Orchestra, the Pete King Orchestra and Chorus, Tony Russo and Barbara Benson with the Sammy Kaye Orchestra.

Unrecorded Material:

The Crazy Quilt Sextette (L: E.Y. Harburg; Billy Rose)
Doorstep Baby (M: Michael Cleary; L: Max Lief; Nathaniel Lief) (added after opening)
Have A Little Drinkie (M: Ned Lehac; L: Edward Eliscu)
I Want To Do A Number With The Boys (M: Rowland Wilson; L: Ned Wever) (cut after opening)
It's In The Air (M: Louis Alter; L: E.Y. Harburg; Billy Rose) (added after opening)
Kept In Suspense (M: Carroll Gibbons; L: James Dyrenforth; Billy Rose)
Ladies Of The Evening (M/L: E.Y. Harburg; Billy Rose) (ASCAP/Library Of Congress only)
Peter Pan (M: Carroll Gibbons; L: James Dyrenforth; Billy Rose)
Rest Room Rose (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (added after opening)
To Think That We Once Were Sweethearts (And Now We're Not Even Friends) (M: James V. Monaco; L: Edgar Leslie; Billy Rose)
Under The Clock At The Astor (M: Manning Sherwin; L: Ned Wever)