Composer: Steve Allen
Lyricists: Steve Allen; Warren Douglas; Jerry Schafter

Opened: April 30, 1969, Palace Theatre, London
Performances: 16

Note: An earlier incarnation of the show was called THE PIECE-FULL PALACE, a twice-nightly western frontier music and dance revue that opened the Circus Circus Hippodrome Showroom in Las Vegas in late 1968. The show was reconfigured into a star vehicle for Betty Grable when it was brought to England the following year. It supposedly toured the provinces under the title GO FOR YOUR GUN before the title was finally changed to BELLE STARR. A live performance recording of BELLE STARR is known to exist.


1. 45/Kapp K-2091 (Leroy Van Dyke)

Never Had This Feeling Before:

1. Albert's House, Bainbridge 1040 (Chet Baker Quintet) [reissued as CD/Par 2007-CD; also found on A Man Who Used To Be, CD/BMG 4033]

Unrecorded Numbers:

The Biggest Pair Of 38's In Town
Dance Polka
Dirty, Rotten, Vicious, Nasty Guys
Gee You're Pretty
The Gunfighter's Ballad
Happy Birthday To Vegas
I'm A Lady
It Takes One To Know One
A Lady Don't Do
Ladylike Lady Like Me
Story Song
We're Gonna Make History