Composer: Sidney Lippman
Lyricist: Sylvia Dee

Opened: April 4, 1947, Martin Beck , N.Y.C.
Performances: 108

After Graduation Day:

1. 78/Columbia 37389 (Buddy Clark with Eddy Duchin and rhythm accompaniment)
2. 78/Victor 20-2209 (Johnny Ryan and the Glee Club with Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye)
3. 78/Majestic 7230 (Danny O'Neil and His Orchestra)
4. 78/MGM 10024 (Kate Smith with the Jack Miller Orchestra)
5. 78/Decca 24116 (Kenny Baker with the Russ Morgan Orchestra)
6. 78/MGM 11238 (Cindy Lord with the Leroy Holmes Orchestra and Chorus)
7. 78/RCA Victor 20-4982 (Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra) [reissued on Moonlight On The Campus, CD/Montpellier 34]

8. The Old Ox Road, 45EP/Victor EPB 3099 (Harry Prime)
Radio transcriptions performed by Charlie Jordan and The Sweetwood Serenaders, and The Song Spinners are also known to exist.

I Knew I'd Know:

1. Lost Broadway And More Volume 3, CD/Original Cast Records (Melissa Dye)

It's Too Nice A Day To Go To School:

1. Lost Broadway And More Volume 3, CD/Original Cast Records (Melissa Dye, Jillian Louis & Michael Lavine)

Star Of The North Star State:

A radio transcription by The Music Of Manhattan conducted by Norman Cloutier is known to exist.

Unrecorded Numbers:

Alice In Boogyland
Everything Leads Right Back To Love
I'll Turn A Little Cog
It Couldn't Be Done (But We Did It)
The Legendary Eino Fflliikkiinneenn
Little Yetta's Gonna Get A Man
The Story Of Carrot
There's Lots Of Things You Can Do With Two (But Not With Three)
A Toast To Alpha Cholera
We Feel Our Man Is Definitely You
When You Are Eighteen
Who Do You Think You Are?