Composer: Julian Slade
Lyricist: Dorothy Reynolds

Opened: 1950, Cambridge Amateur Dramatic Club, Cambridge, England
Performances: Unknown

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

One, Two, Three (subsequently used in CHRISTMAS IN KING STREET and FOLLOW THAT GIRL):

1. Songs From Follow That Girl, 45EP/Oriole EP-7030 (Geoffrey Webb, Elizabeth Humphries, and Charles Young with Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Gordon Franks)
2. 45EP/Parlophone R4651 (Julian Slade, piano) [reissued on Follow That Girl, CD/Sepia 1156]
3. Follow That Girl, HMV CSD-1307 (Peter Gilmore and Susan Hampshire with orchestra conducted by Philip Martell) [reissued on CD/Must Close Saturday Records MSCR3047]
4. The Music Of Julian Slade, Oriole MG 20005 (Eleanor Drew and Harry Dawson, with Julian Slade, piano) [reissued on Lady May/Music Of Julian Slade/The Duenna, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3041]

June & August & April & May:

1. Looking For A Piano, Overtures OVER 1003 (Julian Slade, piano and voice) [reissued as CD/Bayview RNBW002]