Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: October 22, 1962, 54th Street Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 8

Batacuda (M: Don Alfonso) (previously used in TROPICAL REVUE, CARIBBEAN RHAPSODY, and KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1950)):

1. Afro-Caribbean Songs And Rhythms, 78/Decca 511 (Katherine Dunham) [also 10"/Decca 5251]
2. 78/Vocalion 4906 (Don Alfonso and His Orchestra)
3. The Music Of Brazil, Columbia 8622 (Percy Faith and His Orchestra) [also 45/Columbia 4-39321; reissued on The Music Of Brazil/Shagrila, CD/Collectables Records 6898]
4. Latin Spice, RCA Victor 169 (Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra)
5. The Best Of Xavier Cugat, Mercury 6015 (Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra)
6. Hawaii & Its Lullabies, CD/ANS 13015 (Don Alfonso)
7. Blen, Blen, Blen, CD/Musica Latina 55017 (Machito and His Afro Cubans)
8. Cuban Love Song, CD/Harlequin Records 103 (Xavier Cugat and His Orchesra)
9. In Person: 1940-1942 Radio Broadcasts, CD/Harlequin Records 166 (Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra)
10. Cugat's Nugats, CD/Harlequin Records 125 (Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra)
11. Noco Gomez and His Orchestra, CD/P-Vine Records 23251 (Nico Gomez and His Orchestra)

The Desert Scene (Danse du Ventre):

1. En Concert, CD/Viva Kids (Les Demenageurs) (unverified)
2. Le Grand Carton, CD/Victorie Music (Les Demenageurs) (unverified)
3. Air Mail Music: Tunisia, CD/Playasound 141018 (unknown performer) (unverified)
4. Chaud, CD/ Artdisto (Eddy Lagooyatsh) (unverified)
5. Le Concert de Nanterre, CD/Media 7 242 (unknown performer) (unverified)
6. Marrakech Medina, CD/Goldensong (Argon Riffer) (unverified)
7. Oriental Hammam Club: Paris, CD/XIII Bis Recordings 6403692 (unknown performer) (unverified)

Guedra (The Mystic Dance By The Blue Women Of Goulimine):

1. Songs & Rhythms Of Morocco, CD/Lyrichord 7336 (Taskioune Giumbri) (unverified)
2. Documents Of Maroccan Music, CD/Arion 64079 (unknown performer) (unverified)
3. Sacred Fusion, CD/Omega Music Poland (World Meditation Ensemble) (unverified)


1. Drum Rhythms Of Haiti Cuba Brazil: The Singing Gods, CD/Caney 523 (Katherine Dunham)
2. The Drums Of Vodou, CD/White Cliffs Media 9338 (Frisner Augustin)
3. Action & Grace: Soul Of Urban Vodou, CD/Lyrichord 7446 (Bonnie Devlin)
4. Afro-Carribbean Rhythms From Haiti, CD/Arc Music 2006 (Compangnie de Ballet Foklorique Nationale d'Haiti)
5. Conga Joy #2 24 Ensemble Rhythms, CD/Bill Matthews (Bill Matthews)
6. Moonlight Chante Haiti, CD/Ma-Case (Dyaoule Pemba)
7. Voodoo Drums, CD/Universal International 482016 (Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin)
8. Music Of Voodoo Cult, CD/Buda Musique 92731 (Pierre Cheriza)
9. Motherdrum, CD/Grass Roots Record Co. 46194 (Gaia Roots) (unverified)
10. Djembe, Vol. 2: Famoudou Konate, CD/Buda Musique 82988 (unknown performer) (unverified)
11. Cradle Of The Sun, CD/Sona Gaia ND-62762 (Pluznick Crofford) (unverified)
12. Marasa, CD/Jazzmel Productions 002 (Buyu Ambroise) (unverified)
13. Cuba: The Dances Of The Gods, CD/Ocora 559051 (unknown performer) (unverified)
14. World Music Tour, CD/Dmp 514 (Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

Bamboche! (M/L: Katherine Dunham)
Barrelhouse: Florida Swamp Shimmy (M: Stacy) (previously used in KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1955))
Brazilian Suite Cakewalk (previously used in KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1955))
The Diamond Thief (M: Richard Markowtiz; L: Le Clerc)
Flaming Youth, 1927 (M: "Brad" Gowans) (previously used in TROPICAL REVUE, BAL NEGRE, KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1950), and KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1955))
Haitian Suite Interior Of The Mission House (scene)
Los Indios (Native Air) (previously used in KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1955))
Marrakech! (M: adapted from original themes by Leslie Harnley)
Nostalgia: Songs From The Turn Of The Century (previously used in KATHERINE DUNHAM AND HER COMPANY (1950))