(aka Bagel Scandals)

Composer: Sholom Secunda
Lyricist: Hy Jacobson

Opened: March 30, 1951, Holiday Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 204


1. The Broadway Musicals Of 1951, CD/Bayview RNBW021 (Chip Zien and Davis Gaines with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band) (as "Chi-ri-bin, Chi-ri-bom")

Note: Norton lists this song as "Chi-Ri-Bim." Bloom lists it as "Chi-Ri-Bin." Other than the above recording, I've found no recording specifically attributed to Secunda and Jacobson. However, their version is, no doubt, based on traditional songs entitled "Chiribim," "Chiribim Chiribom," or variants therefore.

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28. Timeless Jewish Songs, CD/Sampler (Martha Rock Birnbaum and Barbara Dechario) (as "Chiri Biri Bim")

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9. Romantic Jewish Songs, CD/Opus 207 (Balalaika)
10. Aleichem Vealeinu, Unknown label (Oif Sinchas)
11. Lechaim: Jewish Songs, CD/Interesa 017 (unknown artist)
12. The Broadway Musicals Of 1951, CD/Bayview RNBW021 (Chip Zien and Davis Gaines with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band) (as "Chi-ri-bin, Chi-ri-bom")

Unrecorded Material:

Bagels And Yox
East Indian Mambo (not in program)
Inimitably Yours
Let's Dance A Frailichs
Sholom Aleichem
Such A Good Looking Boy