(? - June 4, 2003)

Major Engagements:

The Rendezvous, Los Angeles (late 1930s)
Bandbox, Los Angeles (late 1930s)
Club Chez (late 1930s)
Kalliner Brothers Rathskeller, Philadephia (1940)
Tony Pastors, N.Y.C. (c. 1940s)
Dixie Hotel, N.Y.C. (c. 1940s)
Brevoort Hotel, N.Y.C. (c. 1940s)
Show Spot, N.Y.C. (c. 1940s)
Beau Brummel, N.Y.C. (c. 1940s)
Cambridge Club, Phildelphia (c. late 1940s)
Danbury Room, Boston (1949)
Jewel Room, Bostonian Hotel (c. early 1950s)
San Souci, Philadelphia (c. mid-1950s)
Tabu Supper Club, Philadelphia (c. mid-1950s)
Celebrity Club, Philadelphia (c. mid-1950s)
Pomp Room, N.Y.C. (c. 1960s)
East 55 Club, N.Y.C. (c. 1960s)
Capital Hotel, N.Y.C. (c. 1960s)
Crown & Anchor Motel, Provincetown (c. 1960s)
Connie & George's, Wellington Hotel, N.Y.C. (c. 1960s)
Guv'nor, N.Y.C. (c. 1960s)
After Dark, Atlantic City (1978)


c. Late 1930s

78/Imperial 201 (Ava Williams with Ralph Kitts, piano) (Queen Of The Jungle; Mindin’ My Own Business)

c. Early 1960s

Ava Misbehaves, Borderline BL-21 (Ava Williams) (tracks unknown)

c. 1962

A Night With Ava, Borderline BL-23 (Ava Williams) (tracks unknown)


45/No label 103  (“Yours”)

All Of Ava, Entertainment Record 102 (Ava Williams)

Tracks: I Know A Little Bit (I Don't Know Enough); You'd Better Love Me; Boy With Laughing Eyes; More; I Wish You Love; Fly Me To The Moon; Love For Sale; Little Girl Blue; My Ideal; Street Of Dreams; Suddenly; You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You; Hooray, Hooray; Hushabye; The Lady Is A Tramp

Note: Side one of this album is called "An Evening With Eva."  The second side is called "Eva Misbehaves."  It is not known at this time if this album contains tracks from the earlier Borderline lps.