Composer: Arthur Schwartz
Lyricist: Howard Dietz

Opened: September 19, 1935, Winter Garden Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 198

Note: Only recordings of material not otherwise found on At Home Abroad, CD/AEI-CD 048, are noted below.

Farewell, My Lovely:

1. 78/Victor 25122 (Stuart Allen with Richard Himber's Orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Arthur Schwartz 1933-1937 Volume II, JJA (M) 19757]
2. Alone Together, Monmouth (S) 6604/5 (Clifford David with music direction by Paul Trueblood)

The Resourceful Vocalist (monologue by Reginald Gardiner performed to the Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys' recording of "Mississippi Mud" (M/L: Harry Barris; J. Cavanaugh)):

For recordings of "Mississippi Mud" performed by Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys, see:
1. 78/Victor 20783 (Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys [Bing Crosby, Al Rinker, and Harry Barris]) [reissued on The Chronological Bix Beiderbecke With Paul Whiteman, CD/Classics 1208]
2. 78/Victor 21274 (Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys) (additional take) [reissued on Yes Sir, That's My Baby, CD/New World 80279]
3. 1927, RCA LPV (M) 545 (Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys) (unissued take)

Unrecorded Material:

Alt Wein (cut)
The Audience Waits (sketch)
Death In The Afternoon (sketch)
The Gigolo Business (sketch)
Homesick Clinic (sketch by Raymond Knight)
The Lady With The Tap (revised with new lyrics as "The Soldier With The Tap-Tap-Tap" from AT EASE)
The Nightmare (sketch)
O, Leo!
Pomp And Circumstance
The Toast Of Vienna
Two In A Bar (sketch by Dion Titheridge)
Up The Creek (cut)
When You're Away (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)