Composers: J. Fred Coots; Al Goodman; Maurie Rubens
Lyricist: Clifford Grey

June 24, 1925, Winter Garden Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 416

Always (M/L: Irving Berlin) (added after opening) :

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this Berlin standard.

I’m Sitting On Top Of The World (M: Ray Henderson; L: Sam M. Lewis; Joe Young) (added after opening):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Keep Smiling At Trouble (Trouble’s A Bubble) (M/L: Lewis Gensler; Al Jolson; Buddy G. DeSylva) (added after opening; also used in BIG BOY and the film version of THE SINGING FOOL):

1. 78/Brunswick 2763 (Al Jolson with Carl Fenton’s orchestra) [reissued on Al Jolson, Vol. 1, Stage Highlights 1911-1925, CD/Pearl Flapper PAST 7748]
2. 78/Decca 23953 (Al Jolson with orchestra directed by Jay Blackton) [45/Decca 9-23953; [reissued on The Jolson Story, Pt. 3: Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder, CD/MCA 27053]
3. 78/Columbia 36743 (Eddy Duchin, piano, with rhythm accompaniment)
4. 78/Everybodys 1057 (Arthur Hall, John Ryan, and Orchestra)
5. 78/Esquire 10-221 (Vic Lewis and His American Jazzmen)
6. 78/Commodore 503 (The Bud Freeman Trio) [reissued on The Chronological Bud Freeman 1928-1938, CD/Classics 781]
7. 78/Parlophone R 2285 (Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five) [also 78/Decca 18113; reissued on The Bud Freeman All-Star Swing Sessions, CD/Prestige Records PRCD 242862]
8. 78/Perfect 14379 (Casino Dance Orchestra)
9. 78/Okeh 6112 (Ginny Simms with orchestra)
10. 78/Silvertone 2455 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
11. 78/Victor 19588 (Shannon Quartet with orchestra)
12. 78/Vocalion 14965 (Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra)
13. 45/Columbia 4-44154 (Tony Bennett with orchestra conducted by Marion Evans) [also found on For Once In My Life, Columbia CS-9573; reissued on  For Once In My Life/I’ve Gotta Be Me, CD/Beat Goes On BGOCD 886]
14. Song Hits Of 1924, Vocalion VL 3637  (Bob Grant Orchestra)
15. The Alternative Takes: 1935-1945, CD/Neatwork RP 2044 (Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five)
16. Hi Fi Salute To Bunny, CD/Mosaic Select 1016 (Ruby Braff)
17. Adventures In Jazzland, CD/Stony Plain SPCD 1313 (Jeff Healey)
18. Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 5, CD/Jazzology 1009 (Eddie Condon)
19. The Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 8, CD/Jazzology 1015 (Eddie Condon)
20. Live At Nick’s & Boston, CD/Vintage Music Productions 0201 (Bobby Hackett)
21. The Best Thing For You, CD/Jasmine Records JASCD 332 (Della Reese)
22. Only The Best Of The Dorsey Brothers, CD/Collectables 1130 (The Dorsey Brothers with The California Ramblers)
23. Anthology: The Golden Anniversary Collection, CD/EMI 8609562 (Ruby Murray)
24. New York Jazzmen, CD/Upbeat 192 (Vic Lewis’ New York Jazzmen)
25. Laughing At Life, CD/Stomp Off 1225 (The Orphan Newsboys)
26. Jump Presents Bobby Gordon/Keith Ingham/Hal Smith Trio, CD/Jump Records 1217 (Bobby Gordon, Keith Ingham, and the Hal Smith Trio)
27. The Jackie Wilson Story, CD/Epic EGK-38623 (Jackie Wilson)
28. The Singing Fool, Take Two 106 (Al Jolson with orchestra conducted by Louis Silvers) [reissued on Al Jolson at Warner Bros., CD/Rhino R2 72543]

The Promenade Walk (At The Beach) (originally used in the post-Broadway tour of ARTISTS AND MODELS OF 1924):

1. 78/Cameo 847 (Al Jockers and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia 447 D (Sam Lanin and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Okeh 40428 (Tickle Toe Ten)
4. 78/Victor 19756 (Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders)
5. 78/Edison 51613 (Polla’s Clover Gardens Orchestra)
6. 78/Vocalion 15131 (The Ambassadors)
7. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57084 (J. Fred Coots with piano accompaniment)

Washington Square (M: Melville Gideon; L: Cole Porter; E. Ray Goetz) (originally used in BUDDIES and AS YOU WERE; also used in THE ECLIPSE and THE CO-OPTIMISTS (1925) (9th Programme) as “In Chelsea Somewhere”):

1. 78/Columbia F1033 (Nancy Gibbs and F. Pope Stamper with the Garrick Theatre Orchestra conducted by J.B. Hastings) (as “Chelsea”) [reissued on The Ultimate Cole Porter - Volume I, CD/Pearl GEMM 0111]
2. 78/Columbia 783 (Garrick Theatre Orchestra conducted by J.B. Hastings) (as “Chelsea”)
3. Confidentially, Cole, CD/No label 2460-INR261 (Sean Hayden) (as “In Chelsea Somewhere”)

Who Wants A Bad Little Boy? (M/L: Fred Fisher; Joe Burke) (added after opening):

1. 78/Brunswick 2650 (Al Jolson with Abe Lyman’s California Orchestra) [reissued on Al Jolson, Vol. 3: The Twenties From Broadway To Hollywood, CD/Flapper/Pearl PASTCD 7045]
2. 78/Victor 19424 (Ted Weems and His Orchestra) [reissued on Complete, Vol. 1: My Gal Sal, CD/Renovation 7005]
3. Let The Rest Of The World Go By, CD/Audiophile Records 26 (Ian Whitcomb)

Unrecorded Material:

Cellini’s Dream (M: Unknown)
Charleston (M: Unknown)
Flex-A-Tone (Flexatone) (M: Unknown)
Follow Your Star (M: J. Fred Coots)
Let Me Dance (M: Unknown)
Lucita (M: Unknown)
The Magic Garden Of Love (M: Unknown)
Maid Of The Milky Way (M: Unknown)
(The) Mothers Of The World (M: Sigmund Romberg)
Oriental Memories (M: Unknown)
The Pastels
Poi Ball (cut after opening)
The Rotisserie (M: Unknown)
Take A Little Baby Home With You (M: J. Fred Coots)