ARTISTS AND MODELS OF 1924 (2nd Edition)

Composer: Sigmund Romberg
Lyricist: Sam Coslow; Clifford Grey

Opened: October 15, 1924, Astor Theatre, N.Y.C.; moved on February 19, 1925 to the Casino Theatre
Performances: 258

Good Night (M: Con Conrad; L: Irving Bibo; Leo Wood) (sheet music credited to Sigmund Romberg):

1. 78/Columbia 1577 D (Maurice Gunsky with novelty accompaniment)
2. 78/Columbia 36299 (Ted Lewis, vocal, with Ted Lewis and His Orchestra) [also 78/Columbia 1296 D; 78/Columbia 5485; reissued on Is Everybody Happy?: Original Recordings 1923-1931, CD/Naxos Jazz 8120770]
3. 78/Decca 1963 (Ted Lewis, vocal, with Ted Lewis and His Orchestra) [also 45/Decca 9-23919; 45/Decca 91268]
4. 78/Brunswick 4069 (Eddy Thomas with Carter’s Orchestra)
5. 78/Banner 1285 (Hollywood Dance Orchestra)
6. 78/Okeh 4900 (Blue Ribbon Trio)
7. 78/M-G-M 30110 (Harry Horlick and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Victor 21726 (Troubadours with vocal chorus)]
9. 78/OKeh 40068 (Sophie Tucker with the Arcadia Peacock Orchestra of St. Louis) [reissued on Complete Early Recordings Vol. 2: 1923-1928 CD/Supertone 733B]

Hula Lou (M: Milton Charles; Wayne King) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only):

1. 78/Edison 51297 R (Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Grey Gull 2143 (Martha Pryor with Orchestra)
3. 78/Domino 306 (Dixie Jazz Hounds)
4. 78/Gennett 5363 (Bailey’s Lucky Seven)
5. 78/Emerson 10735 (Al Epps and His Hotel Astor Orchestra)
6. 78/Columbia 70 D (Dolly Kay)
7. 78/National Music Lover’s Inc. 1076 (National Musical Lover’s Dance Orchestra)
8. 78/Columbia 92 D (California Ramblers)
9. 78/Cameo 505 (Varsity Eight) [reissued on 1923-1926, CD/Timeless 62]
10. 78/Perfect 12104 (Vernon Dalhart)
11. 78/Perfect 14218 (Casino Dance Orchestra)
12. 78/Brunswick 2557 (Isham Jones Orchestra) [reissued on 1922-1926, CD/Timeless CBC 1067]
13. 78/Apex 8166 (Lanin and His Orchestra)
14. 78/Banner 1327 (Bill Jones)
15. 78/Regal 9598 (Sam Lanin’s Orchestra)
16. 78/Victor 19296 (The Troubdadours with Frank Ferera, steel guitar, and orchestra)
17. 78/Imperial 1290 (Roseland Dance Orchestra)
18. 78/OKeh 40068 (Sophie Tucker with the Arcadia Peacock Orchestra of St. Louis) [reissued on Arcadia Shuffle, CD/Jazz Oracle BDW 8027]
19. 45/Decca 9-28815 (Danny Kaye) [reissued on Wonderful Copenhagen: Danny Kaye Sings Your Favorite Songs, CD/Entertainers 340]
20. Look Who’s Coming: The Original Carolina Tar Heels, CD/Old Homestead 113 (The Carolina Tar Heels) [reissued on Serenade In The Mountains, CD/JSPCD 7780]
21. The Original Swingabilly, CAS/Wiley Records WR-9001 (Wiley and James Pfeiffer) (unverified)
22. Class Of ’25, Capitol (M) 935 (Joe Fingers Carr, piano, with Pee Wee Hunt, trombone)
23. New Orleans Stomp, CD/Jasmine JASCD 461 (Turk Murphy)
24. Black & White Piano, Vol. 1: 1923-1931, CD/Document 5596 (unknown performer)
25. The Georgians 1923-1924, CD/Retrieval (The Georgians)
26. Come To The Fair: Old Time Carousel Music, Vol. 1, CD/Gold 20 (Wurlitzer organ)
27. Remembering Sophie Tucker, CD/GHB Records 483 (Pat Yankee)

Promenade Walk (M: Al Goodman; Maurie Rubens; L: J. Fred Coots; Clifford Grey) (added for the subsequent tour; also used in ARTISTS AND MODELS (1925) (Paris Edition)):

1. 78/Cameo 847 (Al Jockers and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia 447 D (Sam Lanin and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Okeh 40428 (Tickle Toe Ten)
4. 78/Victor 19756 (Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders)
5. 78/Edison 51613 (Polla’s Clover Gardens Orchestra)
6. 78/Vocalion 15131 (The Ambassadors)
7. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57084 (J. Fred Coots with piano accompaniment)

Spanish Juanita (aka “Sing Sweet Juanita”)  (M: Unknown) (added for the subsequent tour; originally used in THE GRAB BAG):

1. 78/Path 32339 (Earl and Bell) (as “Sing Sweet Juanita Sing”) [also 78/Perfect 12418]

Titina (Je Cherche Apres Titina) (M: Leo Daniderff; L: Bertal-Maubon; E. Ronn) (added for the subsequent tour; also used in PUZZLES OF 1925 and ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1925):

1. 78/Starr 8323 (Franklyn Baur with Ben Selvin’s Orchestra) [also 78/Apex 8323]
2. 78/Brunswick 2835 (Carl Fenton’s Orchestra)
3. 78/Edison 51519 (Billy Wayne’s Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra)
4. 78/Tremont 0527 (Tremont Dance Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 19586 (Arthur Hall with the International Novelty Orchestra)
6. 78/Victor 19640 (Billy Murray with orchestra)
7. 78/Vocalion 14979 (Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra)
8. 78/Victor 20-4103 (The Three Beaus and A Peep with the Irving Fields Trio0
9. 78/Harmony 15 H (Billy Jones with The Promenaders)
10. Dimensions In Sound/Tribute To Chaplin, CD/Dutton Vocalion 4278 (Stanley Black with The London Festival Orchestra and Chorus)
11. A Night At Casino De Paris, CD/EPM 995492 (Mistinguett)
12. Montand, CD/Universal 5429202 (Yves Montand)
13. Gypsy Jazz, CD/Primo Records PRMCD 6093 (Henri Crolla Sa Guitare et Son Ensemble)
14. Tribal Musette, CD/Sunnyside 283078 (Dominique Cravic with Les Primitifs Du Futur)
15. Les Chansons De Ces Annees-La: 1914-1918, CD/Forlane 19171 (Marcelly)
16. Jacques Helian Et Son Orchestre, CD/EMI 8560032 (Jacques Helian et Son Orchestre)
17. Grands Succes De Toujours, Vol. 1, CD/EPM  982012 (Francis Lemarque)

Tomorrow’s Another Day (M: J. Fred Coots; Sigmund Romberg; L: Clifford Grey; Sam Coslow):

1. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57084 (J. Fred Coots with piano accompaniment)

Which Do You Prefer? (M: Unknown) (cut):

1. The Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings, Vol. 3, CD/Archeophone ARCH 3004 (Rudy Vallee and His Orchestra) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

Always The Same
Artists And Models
Behind My Lady’s Fan (M: Unknown)
Charm (cut)
Dancing Colors (M: Unknown)
Follow Your Star (added for the subsequent tour)
The Gold Digger’s Blues (M: Unknown) (cut)
Grass Widows (M: Unknown) (cut)
I Love To Dance When I Hear A March (M: J. Fred Coots)
I Want To Dance (M/L: Alfred Goodman; Maurice Rubens) (added for the subsequent tour)
Jazz A La Russe (M: Alfred Goodman) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Je Vous Aime (M: Unknown) (cut)
The Lily Pool (cut)
Manners And Motions (cut)
Mediterranean Nights (M: Unknown) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
The Midnight Color Bal
The Mirage (cut)
(The) Model Toddle (M: Unknown) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
The Models (M: Unknown)
My Lily Maid (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Off To Greenwich Village (Finaletto) (M: Unknown)
Old Fashioned Tin Types (sheet music only)
Oo La La
Pull Your Strings
(My) Riviera Rose (M: Horatio Nicholls; L: Jean Frederick)
Shoes (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Sirens Of The Sea (sheet music only)
There Is Somebody For Everybody But Me (M: Unknown) (cut)
The Tiller Girls (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Tomorrow’s Another Day (L: Clifford Grey) (cut)
Under A Parasol (cut)
What A Beautiful Face Will Do
What A Village Girl Should Know (M: Unknown)
Who’s The Lucky Fellow? (M: J. Fred Coots)