ARTISTS AND MODELS (1923) (1st Edition)

Composer: Jean Schwartz
Lyricists: Harold Atteridge; Cyrus Wood

Opened: August 20, 1923, Shubert Theatre, N.Y.C.; moved on March 24, 1924 to the Winter Garden Theatre
Performances: 312

Hindu Song (M: Rimsky-Korsakoff) (added after opening) (originally used in SADKO):

1. Fel Es Egesz, CD/Westpark Access 87140 (Transsylvanians)
2. Moonlight & You, CD/Pavilion Records PASTCD 9709 (Webster Booth)
3. Love’s Old Sweet Song, CD/Pavilion Records PASTCD 7034 (Ann Zeigler) (unverified)
4. Sadko, CD/Philips 442138 (Mariinsky (Kirov) Theater Opera)
5. Sadko, CD/Opera D’Oro 1246 (Vera Firssova and Vladimir Petrov)
6. Sadko, CD/Mondo Musica 22248 (Orchestra E Coro Del Teatro La Fenice)
7. Sadko, CD/Preiser Records 90655 (Bolshoi Opera Chorus)
8. Sadko, CD/Arlecchino 23 (unknown orchestra)
An unverified radio transcription performed by the Master Singers is also known to exist.

Music Of Love (M: Alfred Goodman; L: Cyrus D. Wood) (credited to Schwartz in sheet music):

1. 78/Path 021077 (Westchester Bitmore Country Club Orchestra directed by Hazay Natzy)
2. 78/Emerson 10676 (Epp’s Hotel Astor Orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 19179 (International Novelty Orchestra)

Say It With A Ukelele (attributed to Art Conrad by some authorities):

1. 78/Columbia 3421 (The Savoy Orpheans)
2. 78/Okeh 40040 (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare with Harry Reser, ukulele)
3. 78/Path 021040 (Arthur Wilson and Frank Sterling)
4. 78/Puretone 11340 (Arthur Hall with Lanin’s Orchestra)
5. 78/Columbia 81266 (Frank Crumit)

Waltz Song (M: Gounod) (added after opening) (originally used in ROMEO AND JULIET):

1. 78/Phonola 6006 (Marian Campanari with orchestra)
2. 78/Victor 74512 (Amelita Galli-Curci with orchestra) [also 78/Victor 6133]
3. 78/Victor 542 (Lucrezia Bori with orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 12-0526 (Eleanor Steber with the RCA Victor Orchestra conducted by Jean Paul Morel)
5. 78/Victor 92061 (Luisa Tetrazzini with orchestra)
6. 78/Victor 14742 (Eide Norena with orchestra conducted by Piero Coppola)
7. 78/Victor 9206 (Sofia Del Campo with orchestra)
8. 78/Brunswick 2928 (Virginia Rea with orchestra)
9. San Francisco And Other Jeanette MacDonald Favorites, CD/RCA Victor 60877 (Jeanette MacDonald)
10. Original Film Soundtracks, CD/Movie Stars 013 (Deanna Durbin)
11. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/EMI 65290 (orchestra and chorus du Theatre National De L’Opera De Paris conducted by Alain Lombard)
12. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/EMI 56123 (Angela Gheorghiu with the Orchestre National De Capitole De Toulousse conducted by Michel Plasson)
13. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/RCA 68440 (Ruth Ann Swenson with the Munich Radio Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin)
14. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Sony Classical 8869780465 (Bidu Sayao with the Metropolitan Opera conducted by Emil Cooper)
15. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/VAI Audio 1064 (Yvonne Gall with the Opera-Comique De Paris conducted by Francois Ruhlmann)
16. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Opera D’Oro 1203 (Patricia Wise with orchestra conducted by Jacques Delacote)
17. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Opera D’Oro 1477 (Andree Espositio and the Nice Opera Orchestra conducted by Antonio De Almeida)
18. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Grand Tier 93 (Eide Norena with orchestra conducted by Louia Hasselmann)
19. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Guild Historical GHCD2264/5 (Yelisaveta Shumskaya with the Bolshio Theater Orchestra conducted by Alexander Ivanovich Orlov)
20. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Bella Voce 7208 (Erna Spoorenberg with the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest Holland conducted by Jean Fournet)
21. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Preiser Records 20041 (Janine Micheau with the Paris National Opera Orchestra conducted by Alberto Erede)
22. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/Gala Records 100788 (Mirella Freni with the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra conducted by Robin Stapleton)
23. Romeo Et Juliette, CD/HRE Recordings 1011 (orchestra conducted by Anton Guadagno)
Radio transcriptions performed by Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra and by Eleanor Steber with Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra are also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Finale (Act 2)
Flower Of The Woodland
Golfing Blues (sheet music only)
Jackie Coogan (L: Harold Atteridge)
One In A Million To Me (L: Cyrus D. Wood) (sheet music only)
Samoa (Take Me Back To Samoa Some More) (L: Cyrus D. Wood)
Somehow (Some How) (L: Cyrus Wood)