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Composer: Andrew Mack
Lyricist: Andrew Mack

Opened: September 7, 1903, 14th Street Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 65

Note: This was a revival of Scenic Irish Drama with predominantly new songs that was first produced in New York at ARRAH-NA-POGUE, OR, THE WICKLOW WEDDING on July 12, 1865 at Niblo’s Garden for 66 performances.   It returned on November 15, 1865 for an additional 24 performances, and moved on December 25, 1865 to the New Bowery Theatre for an additional 12 performances for a total of 102 performances.

The Wearing Of The Green (M: Traditional; L: Dion Boucicault; E.H. House) :

Note: Although many recordings of this standard are known to exist, few have lyrics specifically credited to Boucicault and/or House.  The following are recordings that I have found with lyrics credited at least in part to Boucicault.
1. 78/M-G-M 30091 (George Murphy with orchestra conducted by Jeff Alexander)
2. John McCormack, Vol. 7, CD/Pearl 9847 (John McCormack) (two renditions)
3. Mother Ireland’s Daughters, CD/Unknown label (Cynthia Bennett)
4. Time To Run For A New Pint!, CD/LB (Low Budget)

Unrecorded Material:

The Barn Door Jig (M/L: Unknown) (used in the 1865 production)
Cushla Agus Machree (M: Benjamin E. Woolf) (used in the 1865 production)
Finnegan And His Flute (sheet music only)
For Home And Ireland
From My Love Parted (M: Benjamin E. Woolf) (used in the 1865 production)
Goodnight, My Love, Goodnight (interpolated for the subsequent tour)
The Heart Of The Rose (interpolated for the subsequent tour)
An Irishman’s Lilt
The Joys Of An Irish Dance (M/L: Barney Fagan) (interpolated for the subsequent tour)
Pat Malloy (M: arranged by John P. Cook; L: Dion Boucicault) (used in the 1865 production per sheet music)
Somewhere (sheet music only)
We’ll Hurry To Church And Get Married
You Are My Star, For I Love You