Composer: Sigmund Romberg
Lyricist: Clifford Grey

Opened: November 4, 1924, Times Square Theatre, N.Y.C.

Performances: 103

Help, Help, Help (M/L: Clare Kummer):

1. A Night At The Palace, Take Two (M) TT 108 (Irene Franklin)

Unrecorded Material:

Annie (Dear) (M/L: Clare Kummer)
Come To My Party (M/L: Clare Kummer) (credited to Sigmund Romberg on the sheet music)
A Comedy Fantasy (M/L: Clare Kummer)
Dance Eccentric (inst.)
Etiquette (M/L: Clare Kummer)
Gypsy Bride (M/L: Clare Kummer)
I Want To Be Loved (M/L: Clare Kummer) (credited to Sigmund Romberg in his biography)
In Love Again (M/L: Clare Kummer)
Louwanna (M: Sigmund Romberg; Jean Schwartz) (music credited to Clare Kummer in program)
Off To Wimblemere (Finaletto) (M/L: Clare Kummer)
One Man Is Like Another
The Only Girl
Opening Chorus (M/L: Unknown)
Radio Voices
Slither(, Slither)
Someone, Someday, Somewhere (M: Rudolf Friml; L: Gene Buck) (sheet music only)
Twilly Of Fifth Avenue
Whisper To Me
Wooing (M/L: Clare Kummer) (sheet music only)