Composer: George M. Cohan
Lyricist: George M. Cohan

Opened: October 5, 1908, New York Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 64

American Ragtime (The American Ragtime Tune) (originally used in LITTLE JOHNNY JONES):

1. 78/Victor 16144 (Billy Murray)
2. George M!, Columbia (S) KOS 3200 (Joel Grey and company with orchestra conducted by Jay Blackton) [reissued as CD/Columbia CK 3200]
3. The Yankee Doodle Tunes: Mickie Finn Plays George M. Cohan, RCA Victor (S) DS-50041 (Mickie Finn)

The Bold Gendarmes:

1. Irish Favourites, CD/Sounds Of Ireland 1020 (Josef Locke) (unverified)
2. The Best of Brass Bands, CD/EMI 5635382 (unknown performer) (unverified)

Cohan’s Pet Names (That’s The Pet Name For Me):

1. 78/Columbia A 626 (Herbert Clarke and Josephine De Butts with orchestral accompaniment)
2. 78/Victor 5642 (Ada Jones and Billy Murray with orchestra)

The Garden That Blooms For You (My Garden That Blooms For You) (M: Milton W. Lusk; L: William Kendall Evans):

1. 78/Victor 16467 (John Barnes Wells with orchestra)

Meet Me In Rose Time Rosie (not in programs; originally used in COHAN AND HARRIS MINSTRELS (1908)):

1. 78/Victor 5676 (Billy Murray and The Haydn Quartet)
2. Traditional Appalachian Songs and Tunes, CD/Folk-Legacy 60017 (Hobart Smith) (unverified)
3. Legacy, CD/Unknown label (Bluegrass Student Union) (unverified)


1. 78/Columbia A 613 (S.C. Porter with orchestral accompaniment)
2. 78/Victor 5617 (Billy Murray and the Haydn Quartet with orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Brothers And Sisters
French Militaire
The Gendarmes’ Dance
In Gay Paree
Isn’t It Exasperating, Sadie? (sheet music only)
March Finale
My Little Mademoiselle (sheet music only)
Order Wedding Bells For Two (M: Jean Schwartz; L: William Jerome) (added for the subsequent tour)
That’s Some Love (dropped for the subsequent tour)
They Always Follow Me (M: Jean Schwartz; L: William Jerome)
Too Long From Long Acre Square
We’re Supposed To Be