Composer: Jeffrey Sweet
Lyricist: Jeffrey Sweet

Opened: April 13, 1994, St. Clements Church
Performances: 15

Maggie Murphy (M/L: Dave Braham, Edward Harrigan):

1. 78/Victor 20128 (Shannon Quartet) (as "Maggie Murphy's Home")
2. 78/Victor 35713 (Hackel-Berg Orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 35831 (The Troubadours) (as "Maggie Murphy's Home")
4. Don't Give The Name A Bad Place, CD/New World 80265 (Dick Hyman) (as "Maggie Murphy's Home")
A radio transcription is known to exist performed by the Fireside Quartet.

Unrecorded Material:

The Columbian Exposition (M/L: Jeffrey Sweet)
It's A Trust (M/L: Jeffrey Sweet)
Leave A Light (M/L: Jeffrey Sweet)
Porters On A Pullman Train (M: Michael Vitali; L: Charles D. Crandall)
The Pullman Strike (M: Lewis Hall; L: William M. Delaney)
Shall We Plant A Tree? (M/L: Jeffrey Sweet)
Step By Step (M/L: Traditional)