Composer: Various
Lyricist: J.P. McEvoy

Opened: July 26, 1926, Belmont Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 224

Blowing The Blues Away (M: Philip Charig; L: Ira Gershwin):

1. 78/Gramophone 5215 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra with vocal chorus) [also 78/Victor 20197]
2. The Broadway Musicals Of 1926, CD/Bayview RNBW031 (Nancy Opel with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band)

For My Sweetheart (M: Walter Donaldson; L: Gus Kahn) (cut):

1. 78/Gennett (Arthur Hall and The Happy Collegians)
2. 78/Columbia 791 D (Ethel & Dorothea Ponce with piano)
3. 78/Silvertone 2763 (Irving Combs with the Rialto Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Emerson 3058 (Fred Hall and His Roseland Orchestra with vocal chorus)
5. 78/Path 36480 (Ray Stillwell with Lanin’s Arcadians) [also 78/Perfect 14661]
6. 78/Harmony 281 H (Confidential Charely with piano and cornet)
7. 78/Champion 15130 (The College Serenaders)
8. 78/Perfect 12302 (Jay C. Flippen and His Gang) [reissued on The Red Heads 1925-27, CD/Jazz Oracle BDW 8043]
9. 78/Banner 1782 (Irving Kaufman with Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra) [also 78/Regal 8090]
10. 78/Brunswick 3263 (Mike Markels’ Orchestra with vocal chorus) [also 78/Okeh 40686]
11. 78/Regal 8169 (Chas. Keene with May Singhi Breen and Peter de Rose)
12. 78/Bell 438 (California Melody Men)
13. 78/Victor 20126 (Art Landry and His Orchestra with vocal trio) [reissued on Art Landry & His Orchestra 1924-1926, CD/Swing Time 2003]
14. 78/Victor 20143 (Gene Austin with piano)
15. 78/Victor 20292 (Frank Banta, piano) [reissued on Upright And Grand, CD/Rivermont 1142]
16. 78/Columbia 754 D (Leo Reisman and His Orchestra)
17. 78/Velvet Tone 1291 V (Irving Kaufman and The Harmonians)
18. 78/Vocalion 15400 (The Bostonians with vocal chorus)
19. Nobody Wants Me (M: Henry Souvaine; L: Morrie Ryskind; Joe Young) (added after opening)
20. Look For The  Silver Lining, CD/Maude Maggart (Maude Maggart with John Boswell, piano)
21. Upright And Grand, CD/Rivermont 1142 (Frank Banta, piano) (unverified)
An unverified radio transcription performed by Russ Morgan, vocal, with the Russ Morgan Orchestra is also known to exist.

Nobody Wants Me (M: Henry Souvaine; L: Morrie Ryskin):

1. Look For The Silver Lining, CD/No label (Maude Maggart with John Boswell, piano)

Sunny Disposish (M: Philip Charig; L: Ira Gershwin):

1. 78/Liberty Music Shop L-274 (Emile Petti and His Savoy-Plaza Orchestra)
2. 78/Gramophone B 5289 (Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra with vocal chorus) [also 78/Victor 20493; reissued on Bix Beiderbecke With Jean Goldkette’s Orchestra 1924-1927, CD/Challenge RTR 79040]
3. 78/M-G-M 11089 (Louise Tobin with Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Path 36621 (Frank McGrath with Sam Lanin and His Orchestra)
5. 78/Brunswick 3312 (The Merrymakers with piano)
6. 78/Victor 20486 (Frank Crumit with Frank Banta, piano)
7. Swingin’ On The Golden Gate, RCA Victor (M) LPM-1448 (Frisco Band conducted by Bob Scobey)
8. Ira Gershwin Revisited, Painted Smiles PS-1353 (Blossom Dearie with musical direction by Dick Hyman) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-135]
9. Jukin’, CD/One Way Records 17371 (Gene Pistilli and Manhattan Transfer)
10. On The Air 1937-1938, CD/Columbia/Legacy 48836 (Benny Goodman Orchestra)
11. The Alternative Takes: 1924-1930, CD/Neatwork RP 2060 (Bix Beiderbecke)
12. If Bix Played Gershwin, CD/Arbors ARCD 19283 (Dick Hyman, piano)
13. Imagination, CD/Audiophile 79 (Dick Haymes)
14. Skinnamarink TV, CD/Casablanca Kids 42102 (Sharon, Lois & Bram)
15. Continental, CD/Hindsight HCD 261 (Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra)
16. Rub That Rhythm, CD/The Bluelights (The Bluelights)
17. Radio & Recording Rarities, Vol. 18, CD/Lowlights (unknown performer)
18. Jug Band Music? You Can’t Be Serious!, CD/National Jug Band Jubilee (unknown performer) (unverified)
19. Checkmate, CD/Sony 80218 (Johnny Williams)
20. A Sunny Disposish, CD/Circle 177 (Royal Society Jazz Orchestra)
21. Stacy Still Swings, CD/Chiaroscuro CRD 133 (Jess Stacy)
22. The Transcription Sessions 1935, CD/Nostalgia Arts NOCD 3002 (Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra)
23. The Revellers 1926-1931, CD/Kleinaberkunst KK002 (The Revellers)
24. A Great Combination, CD/Magic DAWE 45 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
A radio transcription performed by the Norman Cloutier Orchestra is also known to exist.

That Lost Barbershop Chord (M: George Gershwin; L: Ira Gershwin):

1. The Broadway Musicals Of 1926, CD/Bayview RNBW031 (Eddie Korbich with Nancy Anderson, Bill Daugherty, Marc Kudisch, Nancy Opel, Sutton Foster, and the Ross Patterson Little Big Band)
2. Sweet And Low-Down: Songs By George Gershwin, CD/Oakton ORCD0004 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano and voice)

Why D’Ya Roll Those Eyes? (M: Philip Charig; L: Morrie Ryskin):

1. 78/Columbia 825 D (Earl Burtnett and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Gennett 3374 (Leroy Montesanto with Willie Creager and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Path 32208 (Willard Robison, piano and voice) [also 78/Perfect 12287]
4. 78/Gramophone 5215 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra with vocal chorus) [also 78/Victor 20197]
5. 78/Harmony 255 H (Harmony Brothers with piano accompaniment)
6. 78/Brunswick 3303 (Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra with vocal chorus)
7. Let’s Do It, CD/Document 1109 (B.A. Rolfe Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

American Revue Girls (M: Con Conrad)
Cavalier Americana (M: Henry Souvaine)
Chiropractic Papa (M: Con Conrad) (cut)
Dreaming (M: Con Conrad; Henry Souvaine)
Just Lovin’ (M: Henry Souvaine) (cut after opening)
Kosher Kleagle (M: Philip Charig) (added after opening)
My Love Works In A Greenhouse (M: William F. Kirs; L: C.T.A.) (cut)
Promise In Your Eyes (M: James F. Hanley; L: B.G. DeSylva) (cut)
Riverside Bus (M: Con Conrad)
Scrubwoman’s Ballet (inst.) (M: Henry Souvaine)
Swanee River Melody (M: Charles Weinberg; L: Al Wilson) (added for the subsequent tour)
Tabloid Papers (M: Con Conrad)
Thanks Awful (M: Con Conrad; L: Sam M. Lewis; Joe Young)
Without You (M: Con Conrad; L: Benny Davis) (cut)