Composer: Baldwin Bergersen; John Rox
Lyricist: June Sillman; John Rox

Opened: December 27, 1940, Majestic Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 3

How Did It Get So Late So Early? (M: Will Irwin; L: June Sillman):

1. Nancy Nolan Interprets…, 78/International Records D-127/132 (Nancy Nolan)
2. 78Victor 27263 (Bea Wain with orchestra) [reissued on That's How I Love The Blues: The Complete Recordings Vol. 2, CD/Baldwin Street Music BJH-315]
3. Maybe My Baby, RCA Victor 5454 (Louise Mandrell) (unverified)
4. The Broadway Musicals Of 1940, CD/Bayview RNBW019 (Bryan Batt with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band)

It's A Big, Wide Wonderful World (M/L: John Rox) (subsequently used in COMMON GROUND and the films THREE RING CIRCUS and SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH):

1. Nancy Nolan Interprets…, 78/International Records D-127/132 (Nancy Nolan)
2. 78/Columbia 38370 (Buddy Clark with orchestra directed by Mitchell Ayres) [reissued on 16 Most Requested Songs, CD/ Columbia/Legacy CK-48976]
3. 78/Capitol 15394 (Margaret Whiting and Jack Smith with Frank DeVol and His Orchestra) [reissued on My Ideal, CD/Jasmine Records 174]
4. 78/Victor 20-3358 (Larry Green and His Orchestra)
5. 78/London L 413 (The Unitones with orchestra directed by George Mitchell)
6. 45/MGM K11914 (Larry Holmes and His Orchestra and Chorus)
7. Broadway Hit Parade, Capitol (S) SN 6301 (Wally Koster with orchestra conducted by Eddie Graf)
8. Sensational!: The Exciting Sounds & Rhythms Of Les Baxter, Capitol (M) T 1661 (Les Baxter)
9. The Swinging Sounds Of The Jazzmakers, Atlantic 1333 (Ronnie Ross with Allan Ganley) [reissued on Jazz Makers/Groove Funk Soul, CD/Collectables 6628]
10. Best Loved Waltzes From Musicals (The Magic Of The Waltz 5), Reader's Digest (S) RDS 6955 (Richard Alden, his Piano and Orchestra)
11. Diana Trask On TV, Columbia (S) CS-8505 (Diana Trask) (unverified)
12. Goin' Someplace, Command 935 (Warren Kime and His Brass Impact)
13. Try Some Of This, United Artists 6562 (Jay & The Americans) [reissued on Livin' Above Your Head/Try Some Of This, CD/Beat Goes On BGOCD-570]
14. The Joy Of Living, Capitol (S) ST 1148 (Nelson Riddle Orchestra) [reissued on The Joy Of Living/Love Is A Game Of Poker, CD/EMI 856697]
15. Mink Jazz, Capitol (S) ST-1850 (Peggy Lee) [reissued as CD/Blue Note 95450]
16. True Blue Hugh, CD/Audiophile Records 140 (Hugh Shannon with music directed by Dick Phipps)
17. Ivory Impact, CD/Bainbridge BCD-8002 (Roger Williams)
18. Memories Are Made Of This, CD/Bear Family 15781 (Dean Martin)
19. Ray Turner 1903-1976: The Hollywood Pianist, CD/ Shellwood SWCD25 (Ray Turner, piano) (unverified)
20. The Fabulous Ballroom Collection, CD/RCA 63136 (Arthur Murray Orchestra)
21. Big Band Swing, CD/Vanguard 246 (Zim Zemarel and His Orchestra) (unverified)
22. Common Threads, CD/OMS Records 1226 (Amanda Carr & The Kenny Hadley Big Band) (unverified)
23. Live At Newport: 1959, 1964, 1971, CD/Jasmine Records 13 (The Stan Kenton Orchestra)
24. Concert In England, CD/Astral Jazz 104 (Stan Kenton)
25. This Is An Orchestra!, CD/ Tantara Records 1125 (Stan Kenton Orchestra)
26. Bob Case Sings, CD/Seagrape Records (Bob Case) (unverified)
27. The Lost Episode, CD/Dionysus Records 7 (Les Baxter)
28. Inside Betty Carter, CD/Blue Note 89702 (Betty Carter)
29. Try To Remember, CD/Bear Family 16642 (Heidi Bruehl)
30. Let's Dance: Ballroom/Tango, CD/BMG 74321688362 (unknown performer) (unverified)
Radio transcriptions preformed by the Waltz Festival Orchestra conducted by Paul Winter, Johnny Desmond and the Manhattan Nighthawks, Cy Walter, piano, Monica Lewis with the Mack Stewart Quartet, and Lanny Ross with Henry Sylvern's Orchestra are also known to exist.

Just Strollin':

1. Pianist Extraordinaire, CD/Vintage Music Productions 271 (Joe Sullivan) (unverified)

Love And I (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Irvin Graham; June Sillman):

1. The Complete Standard Transcriptions, CD/ Soundies 4107 (Duke Ellington and His Orchestra)
2. The Complete Standard Transcriptions, CD/Soundies 4119 (Martha Tilton)
Unverified radio transcriptions performed by Cy Walter, piano, and Sonny Skyler with the Vincent Lopez Orchestra are also known to exist.

Where's The Boy I Saved For A Rainy Day? (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: John Rox):

1. The Party's Over, Columbia 1031 (Polly Bergen) [reissued on Bergen Sings Morgan/The Party's Over, CD/Collectables 6084]
2. Vol. Lonely, CD/ Love And Jazz Records 44 (Toni Lee Scott)

Unrecorded Material:

April In Harrisburg (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Blanche Merrill (cut)
April In Harrisburg (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Virginia Faulkner)
Back To My Shack (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: June Sillman) (cut)
Brunnhilde Steps Out (cut)
But No (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Irvin Graham) (cut)
Hokus Pokus (M: Pembroke Davenport; L: Bob Russell) (cut)
I've Been Here Before With Love (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Virginia Faulkner) (cut)
I've Grown Up (M/L: Irvin Graham) (cut)
I've Grown Up (reprise) (M: Irvin Graham; L: June Sillman) (cut)
It's All In Fun (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: S.K. Russel)
The Lady Can Love (M/L: Irvin Graham) (cut; originally used in CALLING ALL MEN)
Lazy Boy (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Virginia Faulkner) (cut)
Lion Tamer (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Blanche Merrill) (cut)
Machine Age (M: Glen Bacon)
Macumba (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: June Sillman)
Man In The White House (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: June Sillman) (cut)
My Memories Started With You (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: June Sillman)
Prettiest Place In Greece (M: Irvin Graham; L: Virginia Faulkner) (cut)
Quittin' Time (M/L: John Rox)
That Man And Woman Thing (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: John Rox)
Trailing Along In A Trailer (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Blanche Merrill) (cut)
Where Can I Go From You? (M: Baldwin Bergersen; L: Virginia Faulkner)
Young Man With A Reefer (M: Baldwin Bergersen)