Composer: Don Walker; Baldwin Bergersen
Lyricist: George Marion, Jr.

Opened: April 20, 1944, Adelphi Theatre, NYC
Performances: 20

Let's Go Too Far (C: Don Walker):

1. Lost Broadway And More Volume 3, CD/Original Cast Records (Andrew Samonsky)

What's New In New York:

1. Everyone Else Revisited, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-146 (Arthur Siegel and The Populaires)
2. Life's A Funny Present: More Broadway Flops & Roadkills 1919-1955, CD/Rialto SLRR-9306 (Ann Morrison, Scott Harlan, and Kevin McMahon with musical direction by David Holcenberg)

Unrecorded Numbers:

Allah Be Praised (C: Don Walker)
Finaletto and Ballet (C: Baldwin Bergersen)
Finale (C: ?)
Getting Oriental Over You (C: Don Walker)
Katinka To Eva To Francis (C: Don Walker)
Leaf In The Wind (C: Baldwin Bergersen)
The Persian Way Of Life (C: Don Walker)
Secret Song (C: Baldwin Bergersen)
Sunrise On Sunset (C: Baldwin Bergersen)