Composers: Malvin F. Franklin; E. Ray Goetz
Lyricist: E. Ray Goetz

Opened: June 5, 1913, 44th Street Roof Garden Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 108

Abie Sings An Irish Song (M/L: Irving Berlin) (not in programs):

1. Irving Berlin, Volume 1, CD/Unknown label (Fred Miller)

Honey You Were Made For Me (M: Jack Glogau; L: Earl Carroll) (sheet music only):

1. 78/Victor 17497 (Albert Campbell and Henry Burr)

In A Garden Of Eden For Two (M: E. Ray Goetz):

1. 78/Victor 17391 (Harry MacDonough)

The International Rag (M/L: Irving Berlin) (added after opening; originally used in HULLO, RAG-TIME!):

1. 78/Columbia A 5532 (Prince’s Band)
2. 78/Decca 1891 (Paul Gayle with Ben Pollack and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 17431 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan)
4. 78/Victor 17487 (Victor Military Band)
5. 78/Victor 17506 (Pietro Deiro, accordion)
6. 78/Columbia A 1406 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan with orchestra accompaniment)
7. 78/Decca 28642 (Ethel Merman with orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman) [also 45/Decca 91000;  Call Me Madam, 10”/Decca (M) DL 5465; reissued on Call Me Madam, CD/Naxos Musicals 8.120794]
8. Irving Berlin: The Ragtime Years, Vanguard (S) VSD 79346 (Max Morath with orchestra conducted by Manny Albam)
9. The Young Irving Berlin, World (M) SH 275 (Charle Manny and Bob Roberts with Orchestra)
10. Brooks Kerr Salutes Irving Berlin, Bluewail (S) BWLP 1002  (Brooks Kerr, piano and vocals, Sonny Greer, drums)                             
11. Presenting Little, Dane, And Mason, Mercury (M) MG 20473 (Little, Dane, and Mason) [also 45/Mercury 71551X45]
12. Burl Ives Sings Irving Berlin, World Records (M) T 515 (Burl Ives)
13. Easter Parade, CD/Turner Classic Movies 836023-2 (The MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Johnny Green)                                    
14. Always: The Love Story Of Irving Berlin, CD/No label (KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler)
15. Alexander’s Ragtime Band, CD/Vintage Jazz Classics VJC-1010-2 (Sophie Tucker with interjections by Al Jolson)
16. Come On And Hear!: Early Songs By Irving Berlin 1909-1915, CD/Oakton ORCD0001 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
17. The Sound Of The Movies: Irving Berlin, CD/History 20.3117-HI (Alice Faye, Jack Haley, and Chick Chandler)
18. Ethel Merman’s Broadway, CD/Varese Sarabande 5665 (Rita McKenzie with orchestra conducted by Robert Bendorff)
19. Dress Casual, CD/Sony 46998 (Mandy Patinkin with orchestra conducted by Paul Gemignani)
20. The Seven Little Foys, CD/Original Cast MWJL-0032 (Michael Townsend Wright, Jon Peterson, and The Seven Little Foys with musical direction by Richard Danley)
21. Irving Berlin’s Ragtime Revue, CD/Chip Deffaa Productions CDP 330 (Rayna Hirt, Maite Uzal, Missy Drier, Jonah Barricklo, Emily Bordanaro, Michael Kasper, Michael Czyz, and Ann Marie Calabro with musical direction by Richard Danley)
22. This Is The Life!, CD/New World Records 80773-2 (Bernadette Boerckel and Daniel Marcus with the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra directed by Rick Banjamin)
23. Irving Berlin & Co., CD/Garrett Mountain Records GMRD CDP 715 (Keith Anderson, Emily Bordanaro, and Jonah Barricklo with music direction by Richard Danley)
24. Irving Berlin: In Person, CD/Garret Mountain Records GMRD CDP 0113 (Jed Peterson with accompaniment by Richard Danley)
25. Chip Deffaa’s Irving Berlin: Ragtime Rarities, Chip Deffaa’s Irving Berlin: Ragtime Rarities (Dea Julien with musical direction by Richard Danley)
26. Chip Deffaa's An Irving Berlin Travelogue, CD/Garrett Mountain CDP AD 0604 (Emily Bordonaro and Michael Kasper with musical direction by Richard Danley)

Monkey Doodle (The Monkey Doodle Doo) (M/L: Irving Berlin) (cut after opening; different song than in THE COCOANUTS):

1. Brooks Kerr Salutes Irving Berlin, Bluewail (S) BWLP 1002 (Brooks Kerr, piano and vocals, Sonny Greer, drums)

Somebody’s Coming To My House (Someone Is Coming To My House) (M/L: Irving Berlin):

1. 78/Victor 17381 (Walter J. Van Brunt with orchestra)
2. Alexander’s Ragtime Band, CD/Vintage Jazz Classics VJC-1010-2  (Al Jolson)

Take Me Back (M/L: Irving Berlin):

1. 78/Columbia A 1438 (Henry Burr with orchestral accompaniment)

There Is Nothing, Dear, I Wouldn't Do for You (M/L: Gene Buck; Dave Stamper) (not in programs):

1. 78/Victor 17468 (Elsie Baker and Frederick Wheeler)

Wriggly Rag (added after opening):

1. The Wriggley Rag: A Musical Delve Into 1912, CD/Sounds Of Yesteryear/Old Bean Music DOLD 505 (Wilkie Bard) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

All Aboard (Opening Chorus)
Asia  (M: John Lindsay) (not in programs)
Captain Kidd  (Hornpipe)
(My) Cubist Girl
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Good-Bye, Poor Old Manhattan
Love Is Just The Same Old Game (In Every Land)
Mr. Broadway, U.S.A.
Over The Ocean
Ragtime Yodeling Man
A Rainy Day (not in programs)
Serafina (M: Joaquin Valverde)
Tokio Rag (not in programs)
Tulip Time
Under The China Moon (Under The Eastern Moon) (M: E. Ray Goetz)