Composer: Larry Norman
Lyricist: Herb Hendler

Opened: 1968, Los Angeles, CA
Closed out of town

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

Apple Cider:

1. 45Capitol P 2251 (People!) [reissue on We Wish You A Larry Christmas, CD/Solid Rock Music Group 864]
2. Psychedelic States: Arkansas In The 60s, CD/Gear Fab 222 (Five By Five) (unverified)

Blow In My Ear And I’ll Follow You Anywhere  (M/L: Larry Norman; Gary Tigerman; Bert Eugene Weston):

1. 45/Capitol P 2429 (The Flies [Larry Norman and Nancy Jo Norman]) [reissue on We Wish You A Larry Christmas, CD/Solid Rock Music Group 864]

Wake Up To Me Gentle (M/L: Ken Mansfield):

1. Wake Up To Me Gentle, Capitol ST 11302 (Al Martino with orchestra conducted by John Andrews Tartaglia) [also 45/Capitol P 2285]
2. Let’s Spend The Night Together, Barnaby 15001 [also 45/Barnaby ZS7 2060; reissued on We’ve Only Just Begun/Let’s Spend the Night Together, CD/Collectables 7690]
3. Only The Lonely, Capitol 193 (Sonny James)

Unrecorded Material:

Alison (M/L: William Thomas Owen)          
Alison Let’s Sing A Song (M: Wyman W. Parker)
All That Matters Anymore (M: William Thomas Owen)
Did You Ever Love Someone Who
Fire Starting
Go Home
How Do I Change (M: Larry Norman; Gary Tigerman)
I Love Her (M: William Thomas Owen)
I Need My Independence
I Think I’m In Love With Alison (M/L: Larry Norman)
I Want To Run Out From Under
If I Could Love Anyone (M:  Bert Weston)
If I Let Him
The Importance Of  Being Hostile
Is Love Dead
Lareate Of Haight
Learn Karate
Please Don’t Run
S E X Spells Sex (M: Dennis Fridkin)
Song Of The Berkeley Barb (M/L: Gary Estes; Micky White)
The Switchboard Song (M/L: Jeffrey E. Cohen; Bruce Charles Good)
That Dream We Had Then
Tourist Bus Song (M/L: Jeffrey E. Cohen; Bruce Charles Good)
Unknowingly (M: Gary Richard Tigerman)
What Am I Going To Do With
When  A Girl Loves A Guy (M/L: William Thomas Owen)
When In Fact I Love You (M/L: Chris Ducey)
Who’d Like To Make It With You (M: Michael Mark Kaplan)
You’re Fun (M: Wyman W. Parker)
You Want To Hurt Me Don’t You (M/L: Gary Tigerman)