Composer: Donald Swann
Lyricist: Michael Flanders

Opened: April 22, 1953, Royal Court Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

Airs On A Shoestring:

1. Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012 (Company)

Brave New Wedding:

1. Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012 (Donald Swann)


1. And Then We Wrote, EMI (M) EMCM 3088 (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann) [reissued on Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012]

Guide To Britten:

1. And Then We Wrote, EMI (M) EMCM 3088 (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann) [reissued on Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012]
2. An Evening Of Flanders & Swann, CD/Dress Circle SMBCD01 (Stefan Bednarczyk)
3. Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012 (Max Adrian, Denis Quilley, Peter Reeves, Charles Ross & Bernard Hunter with John Pritchett & Kenneth Broadberry, pianos, and Chris Blades, drums)

Jamaican Rumba (M: Arthur Benjamin; L: Jerry Mann):

1. 78/V Disc 589 (Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alfred Wallenstein)
2. 78/London T. 5053 (The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Muir Mathieson)
3. 78/ Decca 23480 (The Philharmonic Orchestra of Los Angeles conducted by Alfred Wallenstein)
4. 78/Victor 11-8947 (Willilam Primrose, violin, and Vladimir Sokoloff, piano) [reissued on William Primrose Collection, Vol. 3, CD/Doremi Records 7764]
5. 45/Columbia 4-43892 (Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy) [reissued on Spotlight On Music: Grade 5 Disc 6, CD/Macmillan/McGraw-Hill 27186]
6. 45/London 45-1369 (Mantovani and His Orchestra) [reissued on Collector's Mantonvani, Vol. 1, CD/DuttonVocalion 4152]
7. Delicado, Columbia CL 681 (Percy Faith and His Orchestra) [reissued on Delicado/Amour Amor Amore, CD/Collectables 6085]
8. Lure Of The Tropics, Columbia CL 780 (Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra) [reissued on Carnival Tropicana/Lure Of The Tropics, CD/Collectables 6631]
9. Hi-Fi A La Espanola, Mercury Living Presence SR90144 (Frederick Fennell) [reissued on Hi-Fi A La Espanola/Popovers, CD/Mercury 434349]
10. Tropical Moonlight, London LL 1615 (Stanley Black and His Orchestra) [reissued on Tropical Moonlight/Cuban Moonlight, CD/Dutton Vocalion 4101]
11. Chamber Music 2, CD/Tall Poppies 134 (Arthur Benjamin)
12. Tropical Merengue, CD/Replay (unknown performer) (unverified)
13. Pianoganini, CD/Quarry Lane (Neil Chotem) (unverified)
14. The Pachelbel Canon & Other Favorites, CD/RCA Victor 2RG-4063 (James Galway)
15. The Red Sombrero, CD/Memoir Classics 553 (Stanley Torch)
16. The Melody Maker, CD/ASV/Living Era 5478 (Roberto Inglez)
17. The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra, CD/Dutton Vocalion 6021 (Queen's Hall Light Orchestra)
18. Live: The Concert Repertoire, CD/Gaither Music Group 8803 (Stephen Nielson)
19. Come Dancing Tonight, CD/Disky Communications 902039 (unknown performer) (unverified)
20. The Best Of British Light Music, CD/Sony Classical 88697707372 (BBC Concert Orchestra)
21. Jamaican Rumba: Music By Arthur Benjamin, Vol. 1, CD/Tall Poppies 105 (Ian Munro)
22. 20th Century Romantic Music For Two Pianos, CD/Koch Intl Classics 7013 (Joshua Pierce and Dorothy Jonas)
23. Isaac Stern Presents Encores With Orchestra, CD/Sony Music 64537 (Isaac Stern Adventures In Music-Making, CD/Cambria 1065 (The Haddens)
24. Alla Gitana, CD/ ATMA Classique 22187 (Andre Moisan)
25. British Light Classics, CD/Warner Music 4614382 (Barry Wordsworth)
26. British Light Music: Miniatures, CD/Marco Polo 223522 (RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by Ernest Tomlinson)
27. British Light Music Classics 4, CD/Hyperion 67400 (New London Orchestra)
28. British Light Music Classics, CD/Naxos 8554586 (unknown performer)
29. Cellicatissimo, CD/Koch Schwann 311522 (Cellists Of The Cologne Philharmonic)
30. Cinderalla No More, CD/Symposium 101 (Marcello Defant)
31. Clarinet Bon Bons, CD/Continuum 1014 (Murray Khouri, clarinet, and Rosemary Barnes, piano)
32. Concert In The Park, CD/Reader's Digest Music (unknown performer)
33. De Peyer Delights (Four Recitals) - Collection One, CD/Radiant Mastery 1001 (Gervase De Peyer)
34. Encores, CD/ASV 800 (Emma Johnson)
35. Favourites For 2 Pianos, CD/Hallmark Recordings 35018 (John Odgen and Brenda Lucas, pianos)
36. Fiesta, CD/ EMI 63734 (Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra)
37. Harmonica Virtuoso, CD/Madacy 80 (Larry Adler)
38. It Ain't Necessarily So, CD/Deutsche Grammophon 7190 (Jascha Heifetz)
39. Homage, CD/Onyx 4038 (James Ehnes)
40. Jascha Heifetz Live, Vol. 6, CD/Cembal D'Amour 122 (Jascha Heifetz)
41. Encores, CD/Arlecchino 35 (Leonid Kogan)
42. Majors & Minors, CD/Naim 64 (Mark Marshall and Cornelia Williams)
43. Music Of The Americas, CD/Centaur Records 2171 (The Lester/Roldan Duo)
44. Paganini's Violin, CD/Dynamic 175 (Salvatore Accardo)
45. Rozsa, Korngold: Violin Concertos, CD/Orchid Classics 100005 (Matthew Trusler)
46. Semplice: From Beautiful Beginnings . . ., CD/Saxophone Classics 4001 (Jeffrey Wilson)
47. Stars And Stripes: Amerikanische Meisterwerke, CD/Sony Classical 88697120602 (unknown performer)
48. The Art Of Scar Shumsky, CD/Biddulph Recordings (Oscar Shumsky)
49. The Best Of British Light Music, CD/ Sony Classical 88697707372 (BBC Concert Orchestra)
50. The Complete American Decca Recordings, CD/Deutsche Grammophon 002894775280 (Reginald Kell)
51. The Golden Age Of Light Music: An Introduction, CD/Guild Light Music 5101 (unknown performer)
52. Yishak Schotten's Tribute To Lionel Tertis & William Primrose, CD/Crystal Records 630 (Yishak Schotten)
53. Jalousie And Other Favorites In The Latin Flavor/Star Dust, CD/Collectables 2747 (Boston Pops Orchestra)
Radio transcriptions performed by Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, pianists, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre Kostelanetz, and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andre Kostelanetz are also known to exist.

Last Of The Line:

1. And Then We Wrote, EMI (M) EMCM 3088 (Michael Flanders, Donald Swann, and Julian Orchard) [reissued on Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012]

The Man From Aix-Les-Bains:

1. Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012 (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann)

The Seven Ages Of Woman:

1. And Then We Wrote, EMI (M) EMCM 3088 (Michael Flanders, Donald Swann, Julian Orchard, Pat Lancaster, Anne Rodgers, and Charlotte Mitchell) [reissued on Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012]

There's A Hole In My Bucket:

1. And Then We Wrote, EMI (M) EMCM 3088 (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann) [reissued on Hat-Trick, CD/EMI 5078012]

Unrecorded Material:

Fly Customers (sketch? by Richard Waring)
Mediterranean (M: Donald Swann; L: Michael Flanders)
The Model Models (M: Madeleine Dring; L: Charlotte Mitchell)
Sing High, Sing Low (M/L: Madeleine Dring)
Taken As Read - Or Hiawatha At The Albert Hall (sketch by David Climie; music by John Pritchett)