Composer: Eaton Magoon Jr.
Lyricist: Eaton Magoon Jr.

Opened: July 7, 1954, Dillingham Hall, Honolulu, HA
Performances: 7

Note: The original title for this show when it debuted in Honolulu in 1968 was THANK HEAVEN FOR THE HEATHEN. A revised version entitled ALOHA opened in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Aloha Malihini:

1. 45/Hawaiian Recording and Publishing (M) H-3-B (Ed Kenney)

Around The Island:

1. 45/Hawaiian Recording and Publishing (M) H-3-A (Ed Kenney)

Lei Of Memories (subsequently used in 13 DAUGHTERS and ALOHA!):

1. 13 Daughters, Mahalo (S) M-3003 (Robin Rankin and Enxemble with orchestra conducted by Alvina Kaulili)
2. Aloha, Hawaiian (S) HOS 101 (Elaine Jones with orchestra conducted by Derek Williams)
3. The Isle Of Al Lopaka, Lehua (S) SL-7002 (Al Lopaka)
4. A Nite Cap With Larry, Coco Palms 2867 (Larry Rivera)

The Tourist Trade:

1. 45/Hawaiian Recording and Publishing (M) H-2-A (Morgan Sisters)

Unrecorded Material:

Coral Sand
Hawaii Is Going To Be A State
In Due Time
My Son
The Old Hawaiian Waltz
Oriental Dance
Same Bowl Of Poi
Setting The Luau Tables
Ships In The Night
Then You'll Know That You're Falling In Love
There, I've Straightened Your Tie
The Torch Fisherman
We Aren't Missionaries Anymore
When Momona Shakes Her Kimono
Why Not Try Love?